Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Parents beware!

There are pedophiles everywhere lurking in the shadows waiting to lust over and maybe masturbate whilst looking at your child, as your child is innocently playing at the local swimming pool.

Pedophiles can be everywhere, this is why you must be on the look out for them in every public place. It only takes a strong enough urge for a pedophile to molest, and if he is having a hard time controlling his urges, and masturbation is not enough he is liable to molest a child!

Here is proof from a boylover pedophile as to what they can do on a typical day...

When I came home for lunch today

Posted by ctboyfan on 2007-July-3 17:56:33, Tuesday

There were three cute boys swimming in the pool across the street from my condo.

They were maybe 11 or 12. Two blondes and one brunette. Right around my AOA, although I can always go a little younger or a little older.

I had less than an hour to stick around for lunch. So I couldn't go over to the pool. But I managed to check them out with my "boy"-noculars.

How many moree sick and telling posts from boychat do we need to know that pedophiles are the lowest scum on earth? They prey on children and molest them. They spy on children at play, and think dirty nasty thoughts.
And so many of these pedophiles are so proud to be deviant and perverted.

Like Zlurker the nasty pig.
Like Lindsay the fake accented slug
and dylon the ignorant.

Advocating pedophile propaganda, encouraging each other to lust, and enveloping young confused boys into owning the pedophile label.
They hope to seduce pedophilia into our homes, by sugar coating it and calling it child love.

Grooming older teenage boys to buy into the label allows the older pedophiles to step away so as to make a "New brand" of pedophilia. A new sexual orientation, for society to choke down and finally puke out laws to cater to their deviant behavior.

But pedophiles underestimate Society, Anti's, and Law Enforcement. They criminalize the children they molest, the police who arrest and the parents who protect.
And the funniest part of their pedospeak says that Anti's and Society are ignorant, fat lazy nazi's with no life.....because we do not agree with molesting children.

Take the stance against pedophiles molesting our children by forcing congress to make harsh laws for offenders in every state, every civilized country and on every internet server!

Write to your state politicians, check out your neighbors, teachers and Sunday school attendants.
Keep a sharp eye! Pedophiles are liars, manipulators and excellent at blending in.