Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Zlurker you filthy coward

Zlurker has again brought up my past and the abuse I suffered as a child. https://gc.glgarden.org/messages/406169.htm and again questioning... are child abusers child lovers?
Funny thing is zlurker knows as well as I do that I replied to him in two comments to answer his questions. Is he forthcoming about the whole truth?
Yet he questions mine. Still. Yes your a liar zlurker.

Well piggy man your so cowardly and too scared to deal with the truth so you keep on with lies.

Your lying because you know damn well I am right! Your a danger and a destroyer of your own family. Zlurker your not a child lover! Your likely a child molester!

Why else would I hate you so much zlurker? And all pedophiles who molest children,
and all pedophiles who download and masturbate to child porn. Any pedophile who calls himself a child lover, is nothing more than a pedophile under the disguise of "I am safe". It is a lie and far from honest true love for a child.

The child molesters at girlchat that zlurker tries to impress with lies and false information eat his words up, like ewes on a grassy hill.
ZLURKER .... feeling quite important... giving advice how to get close to children and parents to other pedophiles....this pedophile zlurker (gl meister) is dangerous.

Zlurker and fluff N stuff.... now that is an idea! Is Jan your fuck zlurker? Does she dress up like a child to turn you on? I doubt it. I bet you beat your wife and molest yours or someone's children zlurker, ...I know more about you than you think I do and forward it to the nearest police station for their interest!
I am scared to DEATH for your children!

Now zlurker see this is why we will find you and expose you. Because you are a threat to your family, and any one else you are around.

Plus your an advocate for child molesters at girlchat. You are WORSE than Jack, because you lie, hide and steal your own children's innocence by lusting over them.

These blind sheep at girlchat would shit in a bag and give it to their mother if you told them to if you said it could help them to find a child to "love".

Trucker completely agrees with zlurkers lies:
She's not for real
Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, August 28 2007 at 06:34:05am
In reply to Ping: Trucker posted by zlurker on Monday, August 27 2007 at 10:02:29pm
Based on your analysis of this person, it's quite manifest that it (not a he or she) is just some stupid dork who likes messing with people. we called them "spammers" back in the day.

And WE'RE immature. BAH!

trucker... welcome to violets page.... little do you know how much I have on you and your buddies!
Keep posting away! Have fun!!

I needed a pedophile in my life as much as you need a child to molest.
Actually what you need minstrel is a baseball bat across your testicles ... but I will leave that to bubba who will share your prison cell if you ever offend a child.

What she needed...
Posted by Minstrel on Tuesday, August 28 2007 at 01:32:56am
In reply to Ping: Trucker posted by zlurker on Monday, August 27 2007 at 10:02:29pm
What she needed was someone who combed her hair because he wanted to, constantly told her how smart and worthwhile she was, someone who treated her with respect and consideration, someone who loved her because she was lovable. In short, she needed a pedophile in her life.

If that never happened, it was probably because of assholes like her present-day self who would have been enraged if any adult not related to her had shown any interest in her whatsoever.

I also find it ironic, after the description of actual unrelenting abuse by her father, that she would still claim parents as "real child lovers" while using that as an excuse to prevent any girls today from being treated better than she was.

I had a pedophile in my life and this is why I am a present day asshole.

I know you pedophiles would love me to write out all the details so you can masturbate to the abuse I describe and think about doing it to a child... but I will not give that to you.
So keep on keeping on.. guess all you want... deny all you want.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Who is this woman?

Who is Jan Kruska, AKA Amanda Rogers, AKA Jan Gustafson, AKA Jan Nelson? We wrote about her here We wrote about her activities regarding sex offender reform and her ideas about sex offenders.

Jan of course is angry about being exposed and says she's worried about her own children being humiliated because of this. But once again that is just another step in the blame game.

SHE is the only one to blame for her activities. And why does she want to protect her own children while throwing everyone else's literally to the wolves?

Her advocation of sweeping reform which would essentially abolish all punishment for child molesters AND even remove laws which make their activities illegal can be seen as nothing less than child endangerment.

Jan likes attention and she has definitely made the news now. Check it out and read for yourself about her other activities. Does anyone remember what happened the last two times a new wiki entry was released at Corporatesexoffenders.com? I do, we wrote about them here and here
What is Jan's reaction to this you might wonder? Well, this person who calls herself a REFORMED sex offender....has lashed out at an innocent person in her haste to take down Stitches.

She's made herself a webpage outing someone as me. She's digging into her personal life. She's doing this with malicious intent to bring harm to this person. Tell me Jan, how does it make you feel to be gloating over exposing someone's LEGAL activities, especially when that person had never even heard your name before. When that person was not in any way involved in anti-pedophilia activism or Absolute Zero United for that matter.

I messaged Jan not once, but twice telling her she had the wrong person. The person she's attacking has contacted her also. All to no avail. So you may ask yourself why? Why would Jan try to wreak havoc on an uninvolved party this way? I suppose we could give the easy answer that she's obviously not very bright. This is thoroughly documented already in her prolific writings and frenzied hatred for child advocates.

We saw her sarcasm, her mocking hostility toward parents of brutally murdered children. What else is she capable of? But I think it goes even deeper than all that. Jan has her head set on it, you see. It doesn't matter if the info is accurate or not. Jan believes it, and to Jan that's all that matters. She's cognitively distorted, and in her attempt to rip up someone's life she's hurting herself far more than any of us ever could.

Besides the uninvolved person she has attacked, Jan is going to have to live with the damage she has caused this person, this person who is not me. This person who was out busy living life unaware of people like Jan. JAN is solely responsible for her own actions.

Cross posted from Absolute Zero.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Parents another warning!

Parents of little girls please think!
This was written by a pedophile little girl lover who was lusting over a 7 yr old in a public place!

I just have to post this (GPOM) Posted by Sexiest GLer of All Time on Monday, August 6 2007 at 08:03:55am

OK I promised myself not to, but I have to.

This week I have been most fortunate to have several truly amazing GOMs and GMs with several truly amazing girls.

But today topped all my wildest expectations.

Restaurant, girl around 7, yellowish-green (typical camo colour, but it was single colour) short skirt. A skirt that length would normally be enough to make me admire her legs, but cover more arcane parts properly, but she seemed not too be aware what she was showing. Because she was showing *everything*: the famous White Cotton Panties.

I wish her and her family had been three times as hungry!

Mothers and Fathers
Dressing your children like adults is dangerous and frivolous. There are predators out there who are watching your little girls, and hoping to see up her dress!

Simple obvious ways you can make sure your kids do not get molested or abducted is by taking responsibility for them, watching them constantly, and teaching them how to sit and act in public!
Dress them appropriately ...being sure her body is covered up! Be aware of your surroundings as well, take in all the people who are watching you and your family!