Monday, August 06, 2007

Parents another warning!

Parents of little girls please think!
This was written by a pedophile little girl lover who was lusting over a 7 yr old in a public place!

I just have to post this (GPOM) Posted by Sexiest GLer of All Time on Monday, August 6 2007 at 08:03:55am

OK I promised myself not to, but I have to.

This week I have been most fortunate to have several truly amazing GOMs and GMs with several truly amazing girls.

But today topped all my wildest expectations.

Restaurant, girl around 7, yellowish-green (typical camo colour, but it was single colour) short skirt. A skirt that length would normally be enough to make me admire her legs, but cover more arcane parts properly, but she seemed not too be aware what she was showing. Because she was showing *everything*: the famous White Cotton Panties.

I wish her and her family had been three times as hungry!

Mothers and Fathers
Dressing your children like adults is dangerous and frivolous. There are predators out there who are watching your little girls, and hoping to see up her dress!

Simple obvious ways you can make sure your kids do not get molested or abducted is by taking responsibility for them, watching them constantly, and teaching them how to sit and act in public!
Dress them appropriately ...being sure her body is covered up! Be aware of your surroundings as well, take in all the people who are watching you and your family!