Sunday, July 29, 2007

The pedophile's

are mad at me....Stevie please write more creative stories for us to read this really cracked me up!

Especially this one....
Vomiting Leech, is a rather dim bulb, I'm affraid.

Here again... we have the pedophile showing no emotion towards a victim of sexual abuse.
Blaming the victim, ignoring the victim is a pedophile trait, we all know that by now.

See pedophiles are mad at me because I post the truth, and they lie.

We must make them acknowledge what they have done wrong and condone for their actions!
One way would be for them to be made to pay more out of pocket every month or go back to prison!
If they are on the sex offender registry then they must pay an amount to a fund-and that would be separate from their parole or probation fees.
This money would be distributed to victims in need. Many victims of childhood abuse are in need!! Many survivors could use a little help to get them through!