Sunday, October 28, 2007

The funniest thing happened

at girlchat.

I guess Nigel got it in his head that a supposed 15 yr old girlchatter named Fayla was a mole..sent in by Perverted Justice.
He thought this because he was listening to a voice on another youtube channel, that of Pervert Expose.
Nigel GC's local investigator went on a rampage with Hen Wen to get Fayla exposed and while they were at it, button nose as well.

The destruction started and went on .... and on until finally today it looks as if Fayla has left girlchat but only after giving out some personal information, of which Nigel took no regard.
And when.. some one questions Nigel's actions...Nigel starts questioning that poster- inciting that maybe GC'ers need proof of them as well.

Nigel demanded that only a video of Fayla could save her.. video herself or else!
This was his demand!! And she had better respect that!
Nigel the masturbator must think it is his right to protect something at girlchat.

One last thought.... this is typical pedophile behavior. Using children, blaming children and exploiting children. If Fayla was a real 15 yr old they have offended yet another child.

Good Going PedoHeads!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feds take over Jimbo's case!

So according to this article, James Patrick Finn III is going to be formally charged by Federal Prosecutors!

Federal prosecutors have taken over a case involving a Lincoln Park man arrested for possessing hundreds of images of child pornography.

James Patrick Finn III, 42, is facing federal charges of possession of child pornography and receipt of child pornography. He faces the possibility of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Finn had been facing state child pornography charges after being arrested July 17 in his house in the 3300 block of Applewood. That matter, however, was dropped last month.

"In this particular case, we have dismissed our case so the feds can proceed with theirs," said Maria Miller, spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

We have to remember that it was by the actions of members of Perverted Justice that JimF3 (James Patrick Finn III) was brought to the attention of the Detroit Police Department, and eventually caught by them in the act of downloading child porn!

Great work Perverted Justice!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Kamikaze Jan

Jan Kruska says
"hate doesn’t solve anything, neither does revenge. Hate and vengeance is for the simple minded and it is a cop out. It is taking the easy way out. It is also the fast track to the inevitable next future disaster"
So what's so wrong about that statement? Jan only applies it to people who have sexually offended against others. That's what.
Jan believes:
"While sexual abuse is despicable there are indeed things that are much worse in life"
"those on the sex offender registry have suffered great losses.......the right to live where you want and feel safe in your person and in your home"
"The scarlett [sic] letter is real and is about to be placed squarely on the foreheads of those responsible for this American travesty that is the sex offender registry"
Jan also believes that children don't report when they are abused for fear that their abuser will be removed from the home.

It reminded me so much of someone else. The wacked out mother who showed up on GirlChat recently explaining that her boyfriend got together with her because he was a pedophile and wanted her daughter. He had done it to another woman and her daughter before her. And now after molesting the 10 year old, Frianne is trying to figure out how to hold on to him when he gets out of jail. OMG They all seem to be the same! Look at this grandma, she's upset that her son is in jail. she admits that he did it but says "it was a psychological error on his part" She goes on to say that
"I know he is sorry and will never do it again....He should not have to pay so dearly, he did'nt kill ...and it was the result of the two girls(his) constantly sexually active since 11, and flaunting it in his face, when his wife did'nt like sex, he was in need"
She just fit right into that den at SOSEN didn't she? Even Shirley Lowery agrees as a matter of fact
"I grew up in an abusive home and I kept my mouth shut. Now that I am older and wiser I know without a doubt that I did the right thing then and would do the same again. Virtue has little meaning to a child who likes a roof over their head and food to put in their belly"
But then what can you expect, as she also said:

Poor Pathetic Ignorant Americans

John Walsh has single-handedly destroyed more US children than any other individual in history

Americans can be incredibly stupid.

The Miami police department has set the stage. No action was required but their reaction equaled that of a national crisis. The public has a right to know

John Walsh is not the only person to lose a child under tragic circumstances. He has been in a rage for a quarter of a century. Now we are being asked to pick up an astronomical tab to immortalize his son. I wouldn't give a dime. I learned what manure is a long time ago so I walk around it rather than stepping in it.

Each of us has the capability of being an abuser and many thousands of you are active abusers. How dare you sit back and point your finger and judge yourself as being a better person. You aren’t.

Home of the brave? No, a nation of whimps whose answer to everything is placing the blame elsewhere.

All that talk about blaming and finger pointing led me back a ways. I thought about Jan's religious intolerance. And I thought about her dishonesty and her belief that parents of murdered children are the ones who should be blamed rather than the person who commits the act.
"The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles....."

Sex offenders aren’t born sex offenders. They are created. They are a bi-product of society and the sooner we ALL start taking responsibility the better chance we all have of protecting our kids and having, NO MORE VICTIMS
I believe that these people, the Shirley Lowery’s and Jan Kruska’s and Tom Madison’s don’t know what responsibility is. Tom as CEO of SoClear believes that randomly attacking uninvolved people and knowingly libeling them, accusing them of things which they did not do, is appropriate behavior. He even goes so far as to demean the serious topic of child sexual abuse by calling Jan’s actions a mere game of "sticks ‘n stones”.

The mainstream perception that these people are indifferent and insensitive to the very real abuse that children have suffered is born out by their own actions, and I believe there could hardly be a more blatant example of their remarkable unwillingness to take responsibility for their own conduct. We have dubbed this ‘blame gaming’ but a more proper term would be sociopathic.

And yet, we aren't the only ones bickering with these guys. We aren't the only ones who think these people are wack jobs. Take the case of Erika

p3rl_script wrote to David Coffman, owner of SOSEN about her concerns regarding CEO Shirley Lowery.

"I have decided to withdraw my membership from SOSEN as a result of Shirley's destructive messages and psychotic leadership skills.

She is hurting people and she will drag you and others down with her if allowed to continue, she is severely unstable mentally and has no understanding just how damaging her behavior is when she is allowed to continue inciting nonsense with no consequences for her asinine actions."

And to Shirley herself she says:

"Your one step away from having the FBI on your tail, with the type of content your allowing to be posted and the type of things you write about.

I cannot and will not be associated with the "Illegal" and "unlawful" type of activity your advocating for by encouraging and promoting it on your Yahoo Group SOSEN.

It is extremely stupid and you are placing any one in connection with you and SOSEN in danger of being arrested for whatever the government can get you for in regards to inciting people and encouraging illegal activity in violation of both state and federal laws.

The kind of behavior you are promoting and allowing to occur is EXTREMELY dangerous and self-defeating and I shall take NO part in it.

You have no idea (seemingly) of the harm and damage your doing to the very people you think you are helping! Your like a predator who preys on peoples fears causing them to react.


Erika promptly formed the Families in Social Crisis Legal Defense group.

But she also formed a yahoo group called jessicamarielunsfordfoundation

Using this name she wrote propaganda

and wild rants to newspaper articles

She told us about her past

And linked us to her MySpace

And her profession

And her hobbies

Her needs

All of us here at AZ and in the entire Anti community each have our own reasons for being here. Some of us were sexually abused as children or know someone who was. Some of us came to this due to attacks by online pedophile terrorists. But the common thread that binds us is the obligation we feel.

When someone like a Margie Slagle, an Ohio Attorney and board member of SoClear, mocks child sexual abuse via harassing emails, or when a Jan Kruska mocks a child sexual abuse survivor, some of us just shake our heads in disbelief as we watch her downward spiral. Others say "this will never do"

Meet Kamikaze Jan

HT Jacey

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Again! Parents! Warning!

Yet another pedophile writing on the pedophile message board pertaining to littlegirls panties.

This man is sexually lusting after a 7 yr old girl.. whose very own father sat her on his and exploited her unknowingly.

Yes it is unfair that we have people like furbydad on this earth.
But We CAN and should make sure we do not dress our children irresponsible, and when they sit with dresses on PLEASE close their legs, and cover them up.
Because someone IS watching!!

Posted by Furbydad on Thursday, October 4 2007 at 11:57:22pm
I was at a meeting this week, with alot of important people around me with things to inform me of, and things went well until one chap brought in his 7F daughter. She had a short loose little dress on that caught my eye but I had to pretend I didn't notice and went on about my business, hobnobbing with the highbrows. The girl's father sat down next to me, and pulled the 7F into his lap. The conversaton went on but I suddenly saw out of the side of my eye the way she sat. Her knees were up, legs WIDE APART showing off her lovely little flowered panties for me and the whole world to see. I carried on, pretending not to notice, but stealing glances to my right when I could. Oh, the loose little cotton barely, just barely covering HEAVEN!!!!! Her legs parted even wider snareing my eyes like a fishhook. Her Pa had no idea how provacatively she sat! I was getting abit tongue tied now, starting to sweat and wishing the people talking to me would go away so I could drink in every bit of the beauty laid before me. But They presisted and my gaze was suddenly noticed. I imediately fired my eyes foward but it was too late. They had seen where I was glancing, but said not a word about it. The conversation continued, now abit strained, as I sat there with feathers in my mouth like the cat who had just chowed down a canary!!! The girl jumped up and ran off to places unknown and I was quite wise enough to pay her no attention and pretend nothing had ever happened. But Fathers really should have their 7Fs sit more ladylike when in a crowded situation like this. SOMEONE might just be watching, and that someone will likely be ME!!! As the evening concluded, no one said a word about what they had seen, but I do wonder if it will come up in the future. Or will they whisper amongst themselves "that Furbydad likes to look at little girls panties!" I would bet there were others in the crowd who's eyes were also focused on that little flowered cotton! But no one must notice anyone noticing!!!