Friday, October 05, 2007

Again! Parents! Warning!

Yet another pedophile writing on the pedophile message board pertaining to littlegirls panties.

This man is sexually lusting after a 7 yr old girl.. whose very own father sat her on his and exploited her unknowingly.

Yes it is unfair that we have people like furbydad on this earth.
But We CAN and should make sure we do not dress our children irresponsible, and when they sit with dresses on PLEASE close their legs, and cover them up.
Because someone IS watching!!

Posted by Furbydad on Thursday, October 4 2007 at 11:57:22pm
I was at a meeting this week, with alot of important people around me with things to inform me of, and things went well until one chap brought in his 7F daughter. She had a short loose little dress on that caught my eye but I had to pretend I didn't notice and went on about my business, hobnobbing with the highbrows. The girl's father sat down next to me, and pulled the 7F into his lap. The conversaton went on but I suddenly saw out of the side of my eye the way she sat. Her knees were up, legs WIDE APART showing off her lovely little flowered panties for me and the whole world to see. I carried on, pretending not to notice, but stealing glances to my right when I could. Oh, the loose little cotton barely, just barely covering HEAVEN!!!!! Her legs parted even wider snareing my eyes like a fishhook. Her Pa had no idea how provacatively she sat! I was getting abit tongue tied now, starting to sweat and wishing the people talking to me would go away so I could drink in every bit of the beauty laid before me. But They presisted and my gaze was suddenly noticed. I imediately fired my eyes foward but it was too late. They had seen where I was glancing, but said not a word about it. The conversation continued, now abit strained, as I sat there with feathers in my mouth like the cat who had just chowed down a canary!!! The girl jumped up and ran off to places unknown and I was quite wise enough to pay her no attention and pretend nothing had ever happened. But Fathers really should have their 7Fs sit more ladylike when in a crowded situation like this. SOMEONE might just be watching, and that someone will likely be ME!!! As the evening concluded, no one said a word about what they had seen, but I do wonder if it will come up in the future. Or will they whisper amongst themselves "that Furbydad likes to look at little girls panties!" I would bet there were others in the crowd who's eyes were also focused on that little flowered cotton! But no one must notice anyone noticing!!!