Sunday, October 28, 2007

The funniest thing happened

at girlchat.

I guess Nigel got it in his head that a supposed 15 yr old girlchatter named Fayla was a mole..sent in by Perverted Justice.
He thought this because he was listening to a voice on another youtube channel, that of Pervert Expose.
Nigel GC's local investigator went on a rampage with Hen Wen to get Fayla exposed and while they were at it, button nose as well.

The destruction started and went on .... and on until finally today it looks as if Fayla has left girlchat but only after giving out some personal information, of which Nigel took no regard.
And when.. some one questions Nigel's actions...Nigel starts questioning that poster- inciting that maybe GC'ers need proof of them as well.

Nigel demanded that only a video of Fayla could save her.. video herself or else!
This was his demand!! And she had better respect that!
Nigel the masturbator must think it is his right to protect something at girlchat.

One last thought.... this is typical pedophile behavior. Using children, blaming children and exploiting children. If Fayla was a real 15 yr old they have offended yet another child.

Good Going PedoHeads!!!