Monday, November 26, 2007

You could be marrying a pedophile!

Happened upon a post today at GirlChat...


Posted by Dragonslayer on Sunday, November 25 2007 at 10:00:15pm


I am going to propose to my girlfriend soon, and I thought it would be a good idea to propose to her daughter as well. Sounds weird eh. Not really. You see she has a beautiful 5 year old daughter who has never known her father. So I thought that it would be nice to ask her if I can be her father, and give her a promise ring. Then at the wedding I can adopt her legally, and include her in the ceremony. What do you think?



What does this tell us?
That he plans on molesting this 5 yr old girl? Quite possibly!
How scary!
And how sad that these deviants are out preying on women with children and that those women are falling for it!

If a woman cared for her children she would NOT ever remarry or marry with small children.

We need to get more information on this guy and notify anyone who can end this relationship!
We need to do it fast before he hurts the little girl any more than he has or could had by now.

If you are a single mom.. please stop for one minute and realize you could be pursued by a pedophile now.. for your children not for you.
And that pedophile will not care once he has victimized your children and your children will never be the same.

If you are a single mom please think more further than just "he loves me".
Don't be fooled by deviant men who care nothing for you or your children!
Check the men out who want to date you and never trust them with your children.

Single Moms should not remarry until her children are grown! Yep! That is the price you pay when you have sex and bring an innocent child into the world.

I know that many of you single moms do not think about the fact that the guy who has been coming around lately and playing with the kids could be a pedophile.
Your too busy struggling and getting by. I understand how struggling is.

There are plenty of ways to check up on a person like using Sex Offender registries and you can hire a Private Investigator, you can check out his work possibly, his mother, his home life. If you find a red flag examine it carefully
before dismissing it.

If a man comes to your house watch how he is with the kids. Keep an eye and ear on him at all times. If he is a pedophile or a child molester you may not find out until it is too late, because they are such good liars many times they mask who they really are all their life unless caught and told on and punished.

This is why it is so dangerous for single Moms to get seriously involved with a new man when she has a innocent little child at home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I told you Zlurker was a dangerous pedophile!

Now he even admits it!

Thanks Hen...

Posted by zlurker on Friday, November 23 2007 at 03:13:14am
In reply to An interesting quote from a sex offender treatment posted by Hen-Wen on Thursday, November 22 2007 at 02:12:07am

...that is an interesting subject. I have realized for a while now that much of what I do is considered "grooming", but I do not really care. I am not grooming anyone for illegal sex, so, tough shit if they do not like it. So long as the so-called adults of the world cannot accept me for what I am, I am going to do whatever it takes to have friendships with their children...

If that means "grooming" both the kids and the parents, then so be it...


This pig pedophile is admitting to grooming children. He even says he doesn't care!

Since you have realized this for quite sometime piggy man what else have you been doing?
I don't understand why your wife doesn't get the hell away from you and turn you in!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Children are innocent!

This pedophile trucker says

How to make children less 'innocent?'

Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 01:14:58am

I see a major barrier in our movement being that society perceives children to be "innocent" and therefore must be shielded from "impure" acts such as sex. So how should children be made to be not as innocent as society deems them as? I'd like to leave this open-ended because my friend and I were talking about this, and we can't come up with any answers.

This statement alone shows his mental illness is in full swing. This is dangerous thinking for a pedophile! For example he could be in a stressful situation, or starting to get bigger urges ..thinking about some little girl he knows who is in need of asking for sex.

Only a sick pedophile would want to make kids appear less innocent. They are less sensitive than the rest of us, after all I can only imagine what they see... meaning that pedophiles find all kinds of horrible situations sexually exciting.

They want US to see it too, and say its OK to look at children sexually... and they are successful at it!
Look at the latest kids' fashions, the shoes jacket, Halloween costumes!
But why do you buy into it?
Society buys up fashion clothes made for pedophiles by pedophiles!
Why are you buying it?
Who would want to show a child's body otherwise?
I certainly do not!
Who else would show sexualized children, and why?
Only pedophiles would look at children as sex objects!
Who would want to dress up a 6 yr old with make up and sexy clothes other than those who are pedophiles or caters to pedophiles?
Enough is enough!

Country to Country we need to stop this down sweep of morals from our Department Stores and Websites!

Stop the insanity of denial! A child should not be wearing short tight clothes with high heels!

The destruction of humanity is happening with every passing minute!

Only ignorants would allow their future to be destroyed by predators and fowl creatures. By day and by night these pedophile destroyers group together and prey upon innocence that ONE DAY will run the world!

Think about that... so many sexual abuse victims do not come forward to tell what happened to them until much later in life. Until then, they rot inside. They make bad life decisions if any.
Many people who have been through a quarter of what I have do not even make it out clean. The rotten insides eventually come out but the roots and seeds remain. These people that were the sexually abused children must live. If they are from drug addicted families or alcoholic's how can we be sure they ever will heal? Who will care for that child once the body turns 18 or 21?
The prison warden? The local homeless shelter?

If your attacked as a child you never get over it! Some never grow past (sexually) the age of molestation. Some have parts of them left there. Most are damaged for life.
The memories never fade fully because sometime... some place.. some where something will remind you again and again.
And all of the pictures come floating in, your in physical pain.. the guilt of what if i told?... and the shame of what has been. If you have no hope as a child how can you have it as an adult?
It takes a whole lot of therapy and commitment and love to get past the worthlessness.

Children deserve to grow up without abuse in their homes! Children are innocent!

Pedophiles plotting against children and their right to a happy childhood is complete and utter selfishness.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You idiots at girl chat

Your mental illness is showing!

You sit in judgment of ME the product of child abuse in every way while sitting at your computer masturbating to child porn and exchanging pictures of children in sexual images, while possibly molesting little girls some where, watching little girls, lusting over little girls.

And you call me sick?

You call me twisted?

Pedophiles... YOUR mental illness is not a sexual orientation.

This is what these perverts have to say about me beginning with this post.

Here is a quote from one pervert:

1) she isn't and 2) and so what if she is???

Posted by lgsinmyheart on Thursday, November 15 2007 at 03:11:28am
In reply to For the last time - S/HE IS A FAKE! posted by Trucker on Thursday, November 15 2007 at 01:12:37am
1) She isn't a fake since the first moment she started posting. That alone makes her real, even if all her claimed life details are false. A nick is all she needs to be real in this case. The fact that she posts words makes her as real as she needs to be to become a soldier in this war. With all that entails re: laws of war.

2) And so what if she lies in her details??? That makes her no less dangerous. She still is carrying her wmd everywhere with her, whether or not she is who claims to be. Her lies here or there do not make her any less of a danger for every MAA and minor there is in the world. If anything, they make her MORE dangerous, as we know she will not shy from intentional deceit.

Now cowardly perverts I am not going anywhere. I am in your dreams.
I am in your future.. and in your past.

You can't stand it because I am the product of your lust, and your abuse of little girls.
You can't stand it because I won't be silenced. And my silence is the only thing that separates a victim from a survivor.
I will never be silent.
You can't control or manipulate me.

I know you.
And that is why you hate me.

I am witness to your sick perverted desires.
And you know it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tom aka childlovr4evr07 aka TW

Or shall I say ROB.

Pointing and laughing still!

"I am in the states and will be an American Lawyer fighting for the real victims"

You're a liar. Why did you have to leave town again?

"I know the law better than you do my friend.. I can voice my beliefs"

No, you can want to. You can try to. But you won't last long. That's a promise.

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 4:58 pm | #

You think that is me ? Don"t think so.

I did not leave from anywhere..
T.W. | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 5:08 pm | #

Of course you didn't Rob.

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 5:10 pm | #

Now you really have me confused friend..
T.W. | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 5:17 pm | #

"If you ever did put up a real photo of me I would sue you for defamation of character"

Everybody point at Rob and laugh!!!!

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 7:54 pm | #

"why such hateful vengence"

Well Tom aka Rob aka Rick

What you've seen here isn't hateful at all. If you really want to see hateful I'm quite sure we could pull some up for you.

No, this is just a little bit of what you're up against. And we've been most pleasant actually. You just haven't seen anything yet. But of course you don't believe me. None of the pedoheads believed me. Once upon a time.

stitches77 | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 7:59 pm | #

So Rob goes to GC to sob about us outing him... LOL! What a scumbag filthy pedophile! 418904.htm

~**Violet Leaves**~ | Homepage | 11.12.07 - 9:03 pm | #

Glad to know that you saw my post on GC, Not to worry, They have seen all of your antics before, you people really did not out me as you have no proof of who I am and even if you did, I am within my rights. Violet.. You are the worst of them all and will give up eventually and sob about your "traumatic " Life
T.W. | 11.12.07 - 10:52 pm | #

Check out Absolute Zero comments for more on "Tom".

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Arion Neos is trying to adopt!

The first post I read this morning on Boy Chat made me ill.
Waves of rage and sickness swept over me as I read these words:

Indefinite signoff
Posted by Arion Neos on 2007-November-6 05:07:44, Tuesday
Not for any reason but this: I'm trying to adopt, and I can't have this forum in my cache for the time being.

For obvious reasons.

I've known and loved the hell out of many of you here, and some have been good in email too; but for now I think I need to cool it in BC. I know I've been intermittent for a while in the last few years, so maybe this won't even be noticed overall. I'm okay with that. This is not an egotistic GBCW style post. Emo Douchebag I Am Not.

On the plus side, if things go the way I hope, I'll be back eventually, and you'll be getting occasional boymoments from me too.

Because, you know, boys -- sons -- have friends.

Meanwhile: Love to all of you. And for the sake of Christ, don't let BC turn into a pity party. Sure, post about the hurts you've had. But post your happinesses too. Attachment is suffering, but life isn't misery. Write of your hurts, but write too of those sublime moments when you can't tell the difference between sundew and glow on soft downy hairs, of the times when mist breathes soft over you as you please and love your boys, of the times when you taste the nectar, the sweet budding ambrosia of his ripening youth.

And until next time, here is my dream boy moment. The one I'm wishing for, the one I'm trying to make real right now.


I woke in the dark, roused by what I knew not, and rolled onto my back.

He was standing there at the foot of the bed, staring at me wide-eyed, and it startled me a little. "Dad?"

You never called me that before, I thought, and sat up. "Yeah, kid?"

He just shrugged, rubbing his eyes. His jammies were bunched all over him in a jumble of Spider-Man red and blue.

"Bad dream?"

He shrugged again.

I moved over, pulling the sheets away, patting the mattress. "Come on."

He climbed in, nestling uncertainly. I drew him nearer, drew his warmth into mine. "Come on. Snuggle."

He sighed, relaxing, and my arm wrapped over his shoulders.

"I love you, kid, you know," I whispered into his ear. "I love you, son. You came from nowhere and set my life alight with love, and I can't be without you. I really can't."

"My bad dreams really scare me sometimes," he said. "The dream catcher isn't working."

"Well, I'm here now," I said, "right beside you, and I'm your dream catcher now. Just like I make sure the house is safe for us, just like I feed us, just like I'm here now, I'll find those dreams and stop them, and watch over you while you sleep. Always." I kissed his ear. "I've got you, son. I'm your dad, and I've got your back."

He nodded, smiled, and slid into sleep in my arms.

I stayed awake and looked at him and loved him so, oh so much.

My coal, my furnace, my love, my boy.


Someday this won't be a story. Until then, best to all of you. Email if you want.

Arion Neos
Don't worry.... I am emailing every single child protection agency in the unites states about this. About You. And your desires.

I hope it lands in the right hands BEFORE you have time to molest your prospective "son".

Friday, November 02, 2007