Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Children are innocent!

This pedophile trucker says

How to make children less 'innocent?'

Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, November 20 2007 at 01:14:58am

I see a major barrier in our movement being that society perceives children to be "innocent" and therefore must be shielded from "impure" acts such as sex. So how should children be made to be not as innocent as society deems them as? I'd like to leave this open-ended because my friend and I were talking about this, and we can't come up with any answers.

This statement alone shows his mental illness is in full swing. This is dangerous thinking for a pedophile! For example he could be in a stressful situation, or starting to get bigger urges ..thinking about some little girl he knows who is in need of punishment...bad...sexy...or asking for sex.

Only a sick pedophile would want to make kids appear less innocent. They are less sensitive than the rest of us, after all I can only imagine what they see... meaning that pedophiles find all kinds of horrible situations sexually exciting.

They want US to see it too, and say its OK to look at children sexually... and they are successful at it!
Look at the latest kids' fashions, the shoes jacket, Halloween costumes!
But why do you buy into it?
Society buys up fashion clothes made for pedophiles by pedophiles!
Why are you buying it?
Who would want to show a child's body otherwise?
I certainly do not!
Who else would show sexualized children, and why?
Only pedophiles would look at children as sex objects!
Who would want to dress up a 6 yr old with make up and sexy clothes other than those who are pedophiles or caters to pedophiles?
Enough is enough!

Country to Country we need to stop this down sweep of morals from our Department Stores and Websites!

Stop the insanity of denial! A child should not be wearing short tight clothes with high heels!

The destruction of humanity is happening with every passing minute!

Only ignorants would allow their future to be destroyed by predators and fowl creatures. By day and by night these pedophile destroyers group together and prey upon innocence that ONE DAY will run the world!

Think about that... so many sexual abuse victims do not come forward to tell what happened to them until much later in life. Until then, they rot inside. They make bad life decisions if any.
Many people who have been through a quarter of what I have do not even make it out clean. The rotten insides eventually come out but the roots and seeds remain. These people that were the sexually abused children must live. If they are from drug addicted families or alcoholic's how can we be sure they ever will heal? Who will care for that child once the body turns 18 or 21?
The prison warden? The local homeless shelter?

If your attacked as a child you never get over it! Some never grow past (sexually) the age of molestation. Some have parts of them left there. Most are damaged for life.
The memories never fade fully because sometime... some place.. some where something will remind you again and again.
And all of the pictures come floating in, your in physical pain.. the guilt of what if i told?... and the shame of what has been. If you have no hope as a child how can you have it as an adult?
It takes a whole lot of therapy and commitment and love to get past the worthlessness.

Children deserve to grow up without abuse in their homes! Children are innocent!

Pedophiles plotting against children and their right to a happy childhood is complete and utter selfishness.