Thursday, November 15, 2007

You idiots at girl chat

Your mental illness is showing!

You sit in judgment of ME the product of child abuse in every way while sitting at your computer masturbating to child porn and exchanging pictures of children in sexual images, while possibly molesting little girls some where, watching little girls, lusting over little girls.

And you call me sick?

You call me twisted?

Pedophiles... YOUR mental illness is not a sexual orientation.

This is what these perverts have to say about me beginning with this post.

Here is a quote from one pervert:

1) she isn't and 2) and so what if she is???

Posted by lgsinmyheart on Thursday, November 15 2007 at 03:11:28am
In reply to For the last time - S/HE IS A FAKE! posted by Trucker on Thursday, November 15 2007 at 01:12:37am
1) She isn't a fake since the first moment she started posting. That alone makes her real, even if all her claimed life details are false. A nick is all she needs to be real in this case. The fact that she posts words makes her as real as she needs to be to become a soldier in this war. With all that entails re: laws of war.

2) And so what if she lies in her details??? That makes her no less dangerous. She still is carrying her wmd everywhere with her, whether or not she is who claims to be. Her lies here or there do not make her any less of a danger for every MAA and minor there is in the world. If anything, they make her MORE dangerous, as we know she will not shy from intentional deceit.

Now cowardly perverts I am not going anywhere. I am in your dreams.
I am in your future.. and in your past.

You can't stand it because I am the product of your lust, and your abuse of little girls.
You can't stand it because I won't be silenced. And my silence is the only thing that separates a victim from a survivor.
I will never be silent.
You can't control or manipulate me.

I know you.
And that is why you hate me.

I am witness to your sick perverted desires.
And you know it.