Monday, November 26, 2007

You could be marrying a pedophile!

Happened upon a post today at GirlChat...


Posted by Dragonslayer on Sunday, November 25 2007 at 10:00:15pm


I am going to propose to my girlfriend soon, and I thought it would be a good idea to propose to her daughter as well. Sounds weird eh. Not really. You see she has a beautiful 5 year old daughter who has never known her father. So I thought that it would be nice to ask her if I can be her father, and give her a promise ring. Then at the wedding I can adopt her legally, and include her in the ceremony. What do you think?



What does this tell us?
That he plans on molesting this 5 yr old girl? Quite possibly!
How scary!
And how sad that these deviants are out preying on women with children and that those women are falling for it!

If a woman cared for her children she would NOT ever remarry or marry with small children.

We need to get more information on this guy and notify anyone who can end this relationship!
We need to do it fast before he hurts the little girl any more than he has or could had by now.

If you are a single mom.. please stop for one minute and realize you could be pursued by a pedophile now.. for your children not for you.
And that pedophile will not care once he has victimized your children and your children will never be the same.

If you are a single mom please think more further than just "he loves me".
Don't be fooled by deviant men who care nothing for you or your children!
Check the men out who want to date you and never trust them with your children.

Single Moms should not remarry until her children are grown! Yep! That is the price you pay when you have sex and bring an innocent child into the world.

I know that many of you single moms do not think about the fact that the guy who has been coming around lately and playing with the kids could be a pedophile.
Your too busy struggling and getting by. I understand how struggling is.

There are plenty of ways to check up on a person like using Sex Offender registries and you can hire a Private Investigator, you can check out his work possibly, his mother, his home life. If you find a red flag examine it carefully
before dismissing it.

If a man comes to your house watch how he is with the kids. Keep an eye and ear on him at all times. If he is a pedophile or a child molester you may not find out until it is too late, because they are such good liars many times they mask who they really are all their life unless caught and told on and punished.

This is why it is so dangerous for single Moms to get seriously involved with a new man when she has a innocent little child at home.