Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Please zlurker
Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, December 16 2008 at 04:41:13pm
In reply to Regarding Bullies posted by zlurker on Tuesday, December 16 2008 at 04:11:19am
All due respect, why do you even bother to talk about those silly jerks? Bullies? They sling their feces from behind their computers, yet they'll NEVER get up close and personal with anybody - that constitutes physical harassment and is the grounds for justifiable SELF-DEFENSE. Get my drift?

They bring their noise to me in real life and I assure you my 180 lb bull mastiff Boogie will get his fill (*rubbing his tummy*).

Besides, don't you have little girls to spend significant time with (and make VL jealous because HE can't get any action)?

This shit thrower here is the fat ugly pedophile sex offender Trucker. This sex offender is running wild slinging insults and blaming victims. He is no way rehabilitated--he is still a criminal sex offender with his penis in his hand.

His lies...the violence underlying in his words..the imagined "persecution" even though he is a pedophile and a sex offender.

Go ram your truck into a cement wall.

And Zlurker tsk tsk

When you get arrested and jailed for molesting those little girls-- while in your cell-- imagine what your life would had been like if you did not embrace your lust and your addiction to child porn and little girls.

Feeding the wrong addiction can and will get you in big trouble.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last ones standing Vs boychatters the cowards

More filth from boychat but this one is laughable. Yep I have to LOL at you stupid pedophiles and oh lets play this game: LAST ONES STANDING.

Posted by slvrspun on 2008-December-14 14:42:36, Sunday
In reply to Re: I did too.. sortof posted by Strato on 2008-December-14 14:35:09, Sunday
I bet the filth were pissed off when they realised every bit of my hard drive space was TC'ed. The cops have been here at my home for other matters and I've been stopped on the street twice too (grr, very odd indeed), but nothing has been mentioned in relation to my raid.

Any one have any Rat Poison?

Red Rodent from BC wants attention. He supposedly thinks we all will be shocked by what he is. I can only imagine him to be another fat freak pedophile living in filth.

Here is a excerpt from a post he wrote at BoyCrap.

As for PJ and wankisposure, they seem to have lost interest. Their site hasn't been updated for months (save for the ridiculous claim that, when Dylan was arrested, they were somehow responsible). Unlike you and me, who are seasoned campaigners who make no song and dance about it -- for us it's just everyday life -- the Peej pillocks are fairweather attention-grabbers who feed on the whims of the gutter press: when paedo-paranoia was all the rage, they jumped on the bandwagon; now that it's old news, they're off feeding on another fad. Let the kids get fucked, it doesn't draw attention to them anymore, so forget it.

I have a little poem for this idiot

"Lie to your workmates, lie to your folks
Put down the morals and tell pedophile jokes.
Forget the truth from everywhere else
live in the lie of pedophile propaganda...
and end up in prison."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Of Pessimism, Optimism, and Reality

28, from girlchat posted today-- what I see as more evidence of pedophiles wishing to deceive the public regarding pedophiles and their lusts and ambition to be more "society friendly" child lovers.. undercover pedophiles.

I feel great knowing that the term "Child Lovers" isn't a good "PC" word for pedophiles any longer, but curious as to what description they will come up with for their lust now.

28-Needless to say, we cannot label ourselves as "Pedophiles", or even the more politically correct "Child Lovers", as they immediately send a red flag to just about every parent, LEO, and Child Advocate in the world. Doing this virtually assures that we will have NO contact with children ever. Therefore, we must decide what is more important in our lives; coming out of the toybox, or living life the way we are hard wired to live it. The realist chooses the later, while the optimist the former. Pessimists do neither; they just sit home, miserable and discontented, feeling sorry for themselves.

Living life the way you were "hard wired to live it".
See... it really doesn't matter how they word it. Pedophiles still stink, still lie, still desire sex with children no matter what label they put on- or endorse.

28-Those of us who have not made the decision to come out of the toybox, or who have not been outed by some other means, may also build a life based on caring for, and being with the little people with whom we wish to share so much. We CAN be benefactors to the children in our lives, as well as the recipients of their love. Although we cannot, in good conscience, fulfill our deepest desires for sexual intimacy, the rest of the pie is ours...if we are able to take it.

"If we are able to take it" Take it take it take it.
From the words of this deviant taking the rest of the pie even in deceit-- is better than no pie at all.

28-Remember, the sum of our abilities is a whole lot greater than each of the individual parts. And while we may not realize social acceptance in our lifetimes, we can take comfort that we will leave the next generation of Child Lovers a foundation and a legacy upon which they can continue to build.

The true legacy so many pedophiles leave are in case folders of sexual abuse victims,
on Police reports and forever etched into the minds of those children they have offended.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ravyn seek mental help

I received this message from a YouTube user:

After getting that message I wondered about it all so I set about 'investigating'.

I found a whole lot to question about this guy but the fact that he lied to me in his initial message in where he said that it was a vicious lie.. that he talked about someone's child when I found a video of him admitting talking about their children!

This is what caused me to make the following youtube video

The madness that follows from his comments are laughable .. insane!

Here are some for our entertainment

RavynCrowShow (20 hours ago) Show Hide

she/he twisted what i said to them and this is the thanks i get for trying to help in their cause??? that is fucked up!! she/he needs help! not me!

AZUStitches77 (11 hours ago) Show Hide

Trying to help the cause Ravyn? No I think it's YOU who needs some discipline. Take your medicine like a good little crazy person.

RavynCrowShow (19 hours ago) Show Hide

cold day in hell before i ever leave off the net..no one can ever make me leave off here. you all are stuck with me. hows that make you feel knowing i will never ever leave..huh??

AZUStitches77 (11 hours ago) Show Hide

Nobody is stuck with you Ravyn. I seriously don't think you realize that nobody is stuck with you.

The only person who IS stuck with you is.......YOU.

RebelChiId (19 hours ago) Show Hide

Your sense of perception is so messed up that you think that everyone is as messed up as you are. Guess what? They aren't.

RavynCrowShow (19 hours ago) Show Hide

so i guess i can go around and call you a baby raper and throw out false accussations at you and that would justify your behavior then?? ok then i accuse you of being a pedophile for calling me one knowing that for one thing..im not but ill go around and spread vicious lies about someone i dont even know and see how you like that one. im sure your parents would like that very much..wont they?

VioletLeaves (12 hours ago) Show Hide

Look at the tags
who called you a pedophile?
Your mentally whacked totally
You can't handle the internet.

RavynCrowShow (12 hours ago) Show Hide

im mentally whacked? who goes around the internet and calls everyone pedophiles and makes false accussations about people she/he don't even know. how we know you aint some pedo yourself hiding behind a cause. maybe i will start accussing you so that you will get a tasted of your own medicine. would you like that?? would you like your parents to see the real truth of you??

VioletLeaves (11 hours ago) Show Hide

I know your not listening or reading however I asked where I called you a pedophile.

Call me what you want it doesn't matter see-my credentials speak for themselves. As your words do for you.

AZUStitches77 (11 hours ago) Show Hide

The reason he believes you called him a pedophile is because he's mentally whacked. I'm sure we can find him a local mental health clinic that will accept him.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

you think a few insults really hurt me moron?? you seriously need a lesson in real life..go play in traffic!!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

**you think a few insults really hurt me moron??**

ROFLMAO Actually I've seen your videos, I doubt much of anything could hurt someone as whacked out as you.

But I do think you WANT someone to hurt you.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

oh yeah im soooo whacked out of my mind but yet at least im not like you and in denial of my sexuality bitch!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

He definitely needs help.

He wants to act like a whacked out crazy person and EMERGE but then he doesn't know how to accept the consequences of his actions.

Fortunately we know how to deal with this sort of behavior.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

nothing you can do to me is going to stop me FAT FUCKER!! your threats mean jack shit!!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

*your threats mean jack shit!! *

Okie dokie

As soon as you become familiar with me, you can come back and either apologize to me, beg me to back off and beg for mercy or go quietly into that good night.

Or we can do this the easy way and check you into a mental hospital for people too stupid to know not to mess with me. Either way, you don't call me a fat fucker you fucking little twit of a man. Not and get away with it anyway.
Now... we all KNOW BETTER than to call Stitches a FAT FUCKER (LOL) of all things!
This guy either has too many guts for his own good, or he just is plain stupid or both!

I had to put him in his place...

VioletLeaves (9 hours ago) Show Hide

oh you better beg for mercy ravyn after you apologize!

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

i never fucking beg bitch! i laugh at morons like you who are too stupid and are fat fuckers. get a fucking life assholes!!

VioletLeaves (8 hours ago) Show Hide

Its too bad your pride and stupidity leads you to such anger and embracing your mental illness as normal ... you need therapy to overcome that which binds you. Unless maybe a priest would suit you better... for an exorcism.

RavynCrowShow (8 hours ago) Show Hide

your not a fucking doctor so stop while your ahead fucker. you dont run my life asshole. i was perfectly fine until you twisted shit around smartass. but like i said..your getting so butthurt over little old me. so fucking sad.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

ooooooo..threaten me some more fat fuck!! whos fucking getting mad?? sounds like i butthurt you very badly!! poor fat fuck!! FAT FUCKER FAT FUCKER FAT FUCKER!! i dare you to call north central mental health services here in columbus ohio..i fucking dare you moron..come on do it..do it now..don't hesitate asshole!! DO IT THE FUCK NOW OR STFU AND GET BENT!!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

Stupid fat fucker?????

Woah Violet!!!! Did you hear that Violet? Did you hear what he called me?

Hmmmm I think this is worse that we first believed it to be. We might have to call up the Anti's.

Especially considering that "he's just a man who decided to EMERGE"

In the comments he says he has to go to work.. but instead of "going to work" he stayed home to make us this video reply to his activities on my video.

This guy needs mental help and the sooner he gets it the better!

Here is the last video where he threatens us with a knife after he says he went to the police?!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zlurker you make me wretch!

Pigman zlurker GL Meister you sick vile pedophile filth!

Your filled with lust and pride. Your filled so full you stink like a child molester. You rotten filthy pig!

You scum of the earth! You will burn like the rotten flesh off the bones of your brethren pedophile pigs on pig roast day. Churning your fat charbroiled flesh over and over again while you stay alive -over the fire- screaming in pain-watching your flesh burn-feeling it forever. A never ending pig roast!

Oh yeah and if that isn't enough ... here is another screen shot of his latest take on little girls with pierced ears.

You disgusting POS just reading what you write shows us more and more of what kind of sick bastard you are. Your lusting over little girls.. seeing them as sexual objects and promoting the idea of it to other pedophiles!

I just cannot believe your still free roaming around I wish your wife had more back bone to turn you in!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

girl chat pigs are filthy

Buy some NIT shampoo you idiots.
Clean your cells! Time for roll call better stand up and pull up your pants!

And while your at it you may as well inform your friend Agent X Ray that his predatory behavior will give us tax payers a reason to pay taxes to keep him locked up!
He is a child predator.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pedophiles hide under the label "child love"..we know this but

it looks like
Bobbit Pedos the newest reporter to the youtube scene has made a child lovers video!

There all you filthy pedophiles who land here looking for your "child love".. you got some new -yet old- news!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Girl Chat Pigs

Happened on GirlChat today... the top post:

Witnesses to sex

Posted by kratt on Monday, October 6 2008 at 04:35:46pm

When you have sex (with the mother of a LG or alone), would you rather wish that the LG should be unsupervised and alone out of your (and any other elder�s) sight and hearing, or would you rather that she should be in plain sight and perfectly aware what you are doing (but taught to behave herself, play quietly and not disturb adults at sex, work etc. without urgent need)?

This sick perverted piece of shit has no buisness in society.

If you pig pedophiles can't control yourselves you need life in prison. You disgusting shit for brains pigs!

How many children want to see adults having sex?



This ignorance is devastating to our children. Any woman (person) who would do this with a (person) man in front of a child are mentally incapable of being parents
and or guardians. They should be locked up and forgotten about forever.

Dante had to say this

Re: Witnesses to sex

Posted by Dante on Monday, October 6 2008 at 05:24:03pm
In reply to Witnesses to sex posted by kratt on Monday, October 6 2008 at 04:35:46pm

This is a false dichotomy. There's no reason why the sole options should be shtupping in front of the kids or child-abandonment.

Children deserve their privacy too, as well as time spent with others.

I don't think that a child would be traumatized by witnessing adults rutting. But I do think that they might find it stupid or dull. Most intimacy is only interesting to the parties involved; as anyone who has tried to socialize with a couple making cow-eyes at each other has discovered.

That said, I do believe that I performed a quantum leap under the covers when Luz's son Tommy woke up and walked in on us. Also Ellen was pretty jealous of the time I spent with her mother initially. But she soon learned to infer that the duration of our disappearance was inversely proportional to the time spent apart. ( Hair trigger when its been too long.) And we saved any marathon sessions until time when the girls were visiting their dad or out with friends.

In some societies the lack of privacy is part of a child's sex education. But looking only provides so much information.


This sick pervert sees no problem with children watching adults have sex. And the admission of his victim.. I can only imagine what that poor child has been put through.
Another sick perverted pedophile boyfriend or step daddy steps in to molest kids.

These sick pedophiles are in our world -- never ending cycles of abuse--never ending cycles of exploitation..no respect..no remorse.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Boy-Chatters think Child porn is laughable?

It is so obvious that these boy-chatters and girl-chatters (boy lusting pedophiles and girl lusting pedophiles) are in possession of-or have access to child pornography.

Any one so concerned about encryption to the extent 'slvrspun' is.. has something to hide.

In their conversation after 'newshound' on Boy-Chat posted an article about a UK pedophile who hoarded more than 2,000 images of child abuse on his computer with password encrypted files that he refused to give to the Police-- but they were cracked--which yielded even more- it is evident that these pedophiles are paranoid.

The pedophile known as 'slvrspun' sure had a whole lot to say about the matter .. the following screen shots provided:

'Nish' explains:

'slvrspun' goes on a rant!

'Zlurker' that filthy pig had to chime in..

Another pedophile... 'Scapegoat' said:

And we can't forget ' jonasBark' the dogshit man:

And perhaps the most disgusting garbage that came from this boy chat conversation was a post made by 'hyacinth':

How terrible we let this filth exist in society! How terrible that we find these guys edged into families destroying lives!

Minimizing crimes against children should be illegal in itself!

The garbage is full again!
Take the trash out!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jewel - Hands

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be, we're all okay
And not to worry
'Cause worry is wasteful and useless
In times like these

I won't be made useless
Won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear

My hands are small I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
and I am never broken

Poverty stole your golden shoes
But it didn't steal your laughter
And heartache came to visit me
But I knew it wasn't ever after

We'll fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what's right
'Cause where there's a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing

My hands are small I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
and I am never broken

In the end only kindness matters
In the end only kindness matters

I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
I will get down on my knees, and I will pray

My hands are small I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
and I am never broken

My hands are small I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
and I am never broken
We are never broken

We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's heart
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's heart
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's eyes

Monday, September 22, 2008

Please care

Her little face was so frail her skeleton poking out clearly from under the skin but in all her tininess -all her strength -wrapped itself around my legs. I bent down and picked her up and hugged her. Every time I went to put her back down she clung to me for dear life.

I had went to visit another little girl that day. Her shiny healthiness and the sparkle in her eyes show the love she inherits. She stood back after a while wanting me to save this frail one- asking silently for her safety.

Instinct of life and death come natural. Loving and caring should be natural but because we are humans, and adaptable- we adjust to our surroundings- which can be horrible.

What part of normal does a child (huddled in the corner in a fetal position and sleeping) portray?

I come away in reflection, and absolution-- evolution has brought me out of the depths of poverty and desperation ... I have always been the one they brought their hurt children to. I had to fix the children, and the parent... then help clean up the mess.

Ignorance is bred but only to the ignorant. The smart ones get up and out.

My faith in America- the United States of America has started to dwindle even more. Most of the reason for this is when I do home visits. Certainly ignorance breeds ignorance however in many cases the young Mothers come from homes in which they suffered. Many times these
women do not even realize the suffering they did until much later. Often times they die young
and the cycle remains unbroken because no one understands how to break the cycle. The federal government needs an insurance program for all Americans regardless of income and doctors who will accept it! Lets put our children first and educate them and give them proper homes and teach their parents how to be parents.

You hear a lot of needs and see a lot of needs in the ghetto. But you also see a whole mess of self destruction, property destruction and pain. The pain feeds on anger so anger is usually one of the first things you meet.

Anger and frustration lead to desperation. Desperation for money and food and cigarettes and maybe their drug or pop of choice. No one is teaching these mothers how to be parents.
If a young Mother comes to her welfare office they need help. One of the things they need help with is the children. How to be good parents. Good parents break cycles.

Before you have unprotected sex or really sex of any kind you should ask yourself if your ready to become a parent. More than *oh what a cute baby!*. More like *can I be less selfish and give a child what they need?* and *can I pay for this child forever?* There is a never ending commitment with having children.

First when they are babies they are demanding--but as they grow they need parents who stick to routines, dinner time and home work every night. They need that commitment from their parents and their parents commitment to each other. Both parents-- if they do not--its already a strike against them.

What part of normal does a prospective parent strike out their kid for a good time in bed?

Part of what is wrong with America is the selfishness of its own people. The stubbornness
against change and keeping up with their neighbor. When people share and care-- many times families are saved... kids are rescued and we can sleep that night.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's So Bad About Child Love?

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 20 2008 at 12:11:01pm

Just this title exhibits the ignorance of pedophiles who wish to groom the public with their lies of “child love”.

Child love and pedophilia are the same: Lust for our Children. Child love is meant to be a *nice* word, a word the general public would like better than pedophilia, however it is not honest in its intention.

The real intention of every child lover is to molest your child. There is no part of child love that separates the one from the other. They both use children for sex, and masturbate to child porn-child images and fantasies.

Child lovers desire your children for sex.

The pedophiles desire their own penises over a child's future.

The following excerpt from this post is proof of that intention:

“In the USA, there exists a terrible and inexcusable ignorance on the part of children. They are, for the most part, completely unaware of the reasons why older people desire to know them or touch them, or to engage in activities which are strange or unfamiliar to them.“

This girl chat poster goes on to say

“Given this agreement by nearly all Child Lovers (pedophiles who consider the interests of, and honor the wishes of the children they love), it would appear that there are nevertheless many well-intentioned adults who do not wish to honor the desires of children themselves, and instead wish to impose a sort of "protection" which ignores these wishes. The common justification for this so-called protection usually relies on the assertion that children do not know anything about sex”.

Notice his own term of child love is included with pedophilia but he wants to distance himself from pedophiles and molestations and rape. As if to say child lovers are not molesters.. see the difference?

Nope I don't.

Child lovers have the same intentions as molesters and rapists.

Their goal is to groom the public into believing there is a difference between them as if they are saying a child lover would ask to rape you or molest you instead of just doing it like a pedophile would.

“And so, as a pedophile who is a child lover and specifically a girl lover, I continue to feel quite jaded by a mainstream society which has yet to recognize the benefits of noting the difference between those who wish to simply use children for their own physical desires and those who truly adore children on a number of sincere levels.”

Any adult who is sexually attracted to children are a danger to children. Period.

There is no sincerity in seeing a child as a sexual object.

“And why are child lovers still grouped together with rapists in 2008? ”

Because you are one and the same and always will be.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Trucker the pedophile sex offender

Yet another example of this piece of shit's wasted breath.

This sex offender child molester is not showing remorse, reform nor intelligence.

I hope his truck hits a tree!

Trucker has shit breath

Cute GM over protein whey

Posted by Trucker on Monday, September 8 2008 at 11:44:59am

I was buying some protein whey at the store when a little girl wearing a shirt with athletic shorts asked me about protein powders. I told her that they're for repairing muscles after workouts so to give the body more definition. Her mom came and asked me if her daughter was bothering me - LOL! NO WAY! She had so much curiosity in her eyes and was cute in asking me if I was trying to be a wrestler - LMAO! I'm not even close to that level. Then she asked if she could try some, and her mom told her, "I don't think so because that's for men. I wish your father could work out more." We had a good laugh!

Man I'm getting so much props after I lost the weight. Once again, W00T W00T to all my supporters for being behind me.

Trucker is a child molester.

Why is he out enjoying his freedom after serving time in prison?

He should NEVER had been let out of prison!

These people will never stop!

The only reason this fat fuckhead is saying he lost weight is for the bitches he has waiting for him in prison I know he wants and NEEDS to get back there asap!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Siva outed by Wikisposure!

Beautiful work wikisposure team!


Siva-- (Bill Page)'s little world has just gotten much smaller!


This man is a sick pedophile--naked and shower taking with little girls pedophile.
How many victims does he have?

How much longer will he be free to molest and damage children for life?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Jizzony's victim speaks out

I admire this boy's strength for coming forward to talk about it.

The pain of what happened to him will haunt him for life, the more he can express how he feels about it the better. I also wish I could give his mom a big hug and tell her it is not her fault.
Pedophiles often come under a cloak she got fooled like so many other parents out there.

This man preyed on her son and used her to get at him- this is very popular with pedophiles.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boychat Pedophiles still admire Jon Savarino Schillaci

The boyloving pedophiles at boychat are still talking about their ex webmaster who was arrested in early June 2008. The filthy pedophile Jon Savarino Schillaci who refused to repent or change his ways who is now in jail awaiting trial.

Reality check.
Posted by grahamsworld 2008-June-26 03:25:49, Thursday

In reply to 'This makes me much more sympathetic toward....posted by Santi on 2008-June-26 01:23:59, Thursday
There are many people here, including myself, who have a tremendous admiration for DT.

To be jailed for ten years as a teenager and then going on to achieve so much is nothing short of amazing.

Noone knows how "innocent" or "guilty" he was regarding anything he has been charged with and the chances are very high that his "victims" were consensual and very happy with proceedings at the time.

There is no merit in being negative just for the sake of it, Santi.


"To be jailed for ten years as a teenager and then going on to achieve so much is nothing short of amazing."


There is this thing inside your brain. Its called free will. Any person given free will and intelligence would know they must improve mankind not for themselves but for all of humanity.

Like other pedophiles Jon Savarino Schillaci had a certain amount of determination to learn-- but their pedophilliac lust kept them from achieving the ultimate: Better Humanity- for all and all to come. This means that real intelligence and achievement comes with the morality to judge yourself and your actions and change the offending ones.

Measure of achievement is not in this man's studies, for this man is corrupt and evil at heart. Men like this--their lust drives them because the orgasm is the ultimate goal after all. The climax of molesting a child, and getting away with it. Their orgasms are the whole purpose for their fight against us anti-pedophile activists, society and children.

By examining ourselves we achieve the ultimate gift of knowledge, and vast experience
when we change for the better -for all and all to come.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wikisposure Uncovers Dangerous Pedophile Jizzony

What a sick filthy pedophile! I hope he gets natural life!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Protest the boylovers!

International boylove day is today. As part of their celebrations pedophiles often light blue candles.
Lets show the pedophiles how stupid they are and light white candles all over the internet!

Protest International Boylove Day

Friday, June 20, 2008

Molestation in process... *shudders*

Some body stop this!

I'm being used...

Posted by LOD on Friday, June 20 2008 at 10:25:49am

Lately my niece has been becoming increasingly demanding and bossy. She'll get mad at me if I call her angel instead of princess. She wants to be treated like royalty!

Today she used me as her chair while she watched tv, and then made me smell her legs because she wanted me to compliment her on how nice they smelled - she just took a shower and her legs smelled like peaches. mmmmm... so good! :P

If I don't do these things for her she'll deny me any hugs or kisses when I ask for them. What am I suppose to do? I can't live without her hugs and kisses. I'm helpless!

BTW, I am seriously hoping I get reincarnated as a little girl's play chair in my next life. It is THE BEST LIFE. :)

LOD your the sick scum of the earth! You will be held accountable for your actions!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dylan Thomas the pedophile top ten criminal

Leave it to boychatters to have America's top ten wanted criminal pedophile as their webmaster!

Jon Savarino Schillaci was arrested yesterday in San Jose De Gracia, Mexico. This was boychat webmaster Dylan Thomas!

Schillaci was placed on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list on September 7, 2007. Since then he has been hiding in Mexico like the coward all pedophiles are.

Check out the wiki on Dylan Thomas!

So now Bill Evans would like to step in Dylan Thomas place.
Bill the boy sodomizer --child molester as well wishes he had the expertise. Bill's has no expertise that is why he is broke and facing prison himself.

The den of perverts and child molesters is dark and grim... and with these child molesters
at the wheel we know better than to agree about their propaganda labeled "child love".

Congratulations to the FBI, and Perverted Justice members who helped with this great arrest!

Jacey got the news report up on YouTube! Thanks Jacey!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more girlchat suicides? Hopeful!

shadowdweller your life is a joke

in a depressed mood...I need to rant. Posted by shadowdweller on Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 05:18:51pm

What's got me so depressed today? Who knows.

Perhaps it's the fact that I have to deal with these overwhelming desires on a daily basis, and not only can I not act on them but I can't let it show or talk to anyone about these desires. And really all I want is someone to love, it just so happens that the people I am attracted to are rarely above the age of 12.

So realistically, even if it was 'acceptable' to pursue those I find attractive, it is unlikely that there would much of a chance of forming a mature relationship with her.

So where does that put me? Harbouring impossible desires. Desires so intense they almost seem tangible.

What kind of life is this to lead? There must be some damn purpose, or is life just a joke, and there is no sense in anything; it all just 'is'?

And then I think of my future and what it holds, and I see nothing. There is no where to go. Things won't get better, I won't get 'better', society will hate me till the day I die, I will never be able to form a meaningful relationship with someone I am attracted to...bah!

I often try to kick my drinking habits, but then days like this come along and I think, 'why bother?' At least the alcohol can give me the illusion that everything is fine for a while. But I know this is what I have to fight off, but finding the point in it all is so damn elusive and it's soo much easier to just give in to the easy way.

I work, I eat, I sleep, I yearn. I hate work; I don't eat much, if anything; sleep is elusive - I am an insomniac; and we all know about the yearnings.

True, I find joy in raising my own girls and doing what I can for them, but it won't be long before they are grown and won't need me anymore. Even sooner than that, they will no longer bring friends home for me to befriend, and even that avenue to small joy will be gone.

Life sucks. And we sit on the bottom of the barrel.

You are at the bottom of the barrel.. a shit barrel.
Eat it up pedophile.

Arrogant girl lover pigs

Silver wolf gets no respect

John boy's confused, ya see... wut he meant was...

Posted by Silver Wolfe on Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 10:33:05am
In reply to So... you're saying you want more candy? posted by jd420 on Wednesday, April 16 2008 at 07:51:50am

I'm a PEDOPHILE, see? If anyone wants to stereotype me and force me to adhere to that stereotype and then cage me because I can wear that label, they gonna have to come with a HELL of a lot more than they gots now, see? LOL

I'm me. I am an individual. I march to the beat of my own fucking drummer. NO one is going to tell me what I am have done, am doing, or will do based on an orientation. I am who I am and I don't let anyone shush ME because the public has a fucked up perception of what they think I am. If I break the law, they can cage me. If I don't break a law, I wouldn't suggest trying to put me in a container...cuz, frankly, sumun's gonna have some problems.

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, MY age, an' I'm not the sort to conform to someone else's idea of what I should look like, act like, sound like... or like.

In short, anyone who wants to hang a card around my neck claiming what they think I am going to do based on the actions of someone else who is white/tall/fat/smart/foolish/laidback/dying/(shall I go on?) can go pound sand up their roody poo!!

Peace, Love and LOVE ME, HATE ME... I dun care, but ya best respect me for the individual I am or there will be problems.

^Silver Wolfe~~

Oh, this should apply to everyone.

Pervert... I don't respect you or any of your girl lusting molesting pedophiles.


Your a filthy low life scum bag that gets off on child abuse. If you didn't get off on it you would not be embracing the pedophilia.

I hope the wolf bites you in the head and pukes out your shit for brains.

Your *sexual orientation* is evil and could be dealt with by life in prison or using the death penalty.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Boy Chatters are paranoid

Taken from Boychat:

Being on a arrested person's ICQ list
Posted by Bensagogo on 2008-April-8 00:36:02, Tuesday
Say I am friends with a BC poster who then gets arrested. Say I've had many personal conversations with him over ICQ, though never about perverse things, just other BL related issues. Do police have grounds for tracking me down?

Are there others feeling what I'm feeling?

These pedophiles are worried.. I have no doubt as to why.

More evidence boychatters are filth and scum more evidence of illegal behavior.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who will stand in the gap for a child?

Will you or won't you?

I am.

Pedophiles want to cover up under the label child lovers.
They say that we as society do not care as much for our children as they do.

I say that is a LIE!

Sooner or later the pedophiles who shout the loudest end up getting caught and put into prison. Although usually its not long enough but the fact is that they do not love children.
They prove it without a finger lifted from me.
Their pedo searches and child pornography searches! Their re-offending a child!
They don't comply with the sex offender registry! They don't try to change!

Pedophiles and sex offenders should not be on the internet period!

Our children are put at risk by the very nature of pedophiles and with them being able to be on the internet they are gathering and consoling and encouraging each other's sexual lusts and attractions to children.
Sex offenders making web pages and secret groups to fight the sex offender laws we have in place now. A think tank of ideas how to groom the public into believing they are harmless.
How to abolish sex offender laws and this includes abolishig them for pedophiles who have raped children and are on the registry. We even found out a few who were arrested recently in child porn busts!

And how much worse can things get?

Look at Disney's 20/20 show! The Age of Consent show violated so much trust
many American people do not even realize they were lied to.

How sad that main stream media has to resort to lies and selling our children
for prime-time ratings!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sign the Petition to Disney!

Further incriminating 20/20 is their forums and public discussion on the Age of Consent (located on the 20/20 website) where they decided to selectively delete posts by true child advocates (Anti-pedophile volunteers) and leave up the comments of sex offense reformers and pedophile activists. We have screen shots showing this to be true.


Our children are NOT for sale!

A Hungry Wolf

Disney's 20/20 television show on the Age of Consent, describes Jan Kruska's website as:

A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her

Let's break that down a little shall we?

First of all, someone is hardly "innocent" if at the age of 22 they have sex with 15 year old boy's who they're supposed to be looking after. In regards to the content of Jan's website, here are some things you'll find on it, you can judge for yourself whether they just illustrate how the "registry has affected Jan's life" or something more sinister:


...and then there is the KENT STATE UNIVERSITY STUDY which reveals some startling discoveries

Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.

Startling indeed, Jan Kruska copy and pastes a misinterpreted version of the Hall study, what's even more startling is where she got it, Pedophile Pen Power.

Or how about these, which Jan Kruska copied and pasted from an article on the IPCE, a website which describes itself as:

Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.


The protection of the sexual purity of children is one of our few unquestioned moral principles. Sex education for the young focuses on the dangers of sex, and preaches abstinence...

Before the Rind report almost all scholarship in this area explicitly or implicitly endorsed the idea that children are badly hurt by sex and aren't ready for it.[6] Sexual activity involving children is routinely described with negative terms like ``abuse'' and children's purity of heart is usually assumed...

Cultural censorship in this area is strong and scholarship is closely monitored.[8] For example, I wrote an article defending child pornography as a form of speech, arguing that there was no constitutional justification for separating child and adult pornography...

An image of youth as passive in the sexual area, open to adult manipulation and unable to resist, grew up alongside of the image of the rebellious youth who would not obey adult authority in other areas. Definitions always cast the child as a victim even if s/he was a hustler or prostitute...

Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

On another article on her website, Jan Kruska titled "Murdered Children's Parents Profiled," Jan suggests that people such as John Walsh and Mark Lunsford are responsible for their children being murdered and sexually abused:


The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles.

Is this what you would describe as:

A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her

Why is a company like Walt Disney, which makes children's toys and movies, defending a website which claims kids forced into child prostitution aren't victims? Let's put an end to 20/20's lies, join the boycott on Walt Disney, 20/20 and their sponsors!

Show your support, put a boycott banner on your blog/website today:

Cross-posted from Disney 20/20 Pro-Pedophillia Bias

Monday, March 17, 2008

YouTube the Pedophile Haven

YouTube! The place you better keep your kids off of!

YouTube! The place you better keep your family videos off of!

Unless you want them viewed by pedophiles AKA: child lovers or MAA's. If you upload a video of your child you can be sure that you will be popular, but also be certain who is going to watch and possibly download that video off from YouTube! Do you want your child's video to become part of a collection of child pornography that the pedophile AKA child lover or MAA masturbates to while looking at your child?

If that doesn't bother you... you should NOT be a parent!

You can easily download videos from YouTube.
I am not suggesting anyone do this because you would be breaking copy write laws.
Just be certain you know all of the risks to your child(ren) before uploading a video of them!

If you need confirmation that your babies are cute take them to a safe family member, a friend..take them out shopping or out to eat... someplace where you can control who is watching them...while they are being so cute. (Also if you do this please be responsible how you dress your children. We have addressed this issue before .)

If you do not agree....you should NOT be a parent!

Teenagers: girls and boys are being exploited at YouTube because they are sometimes old enough to be there and yet young enough that the perverts who like teenagers (startrackphiles...hebophiles..teliophiles..mentalphiles..etc...) have free access to them and can even message them via YouTube and whatever else they can do to get your child to strip or dance or both and if the child doesn't comply they have their gangs to stalk and harass your child into complying or leaving YouTube.

There are people on YouTube willing to pay teenagers for stripping on videos and or exploiting their private parts.

There are other perverts on YouTube posing like Anti-Pedophile activists but all along subscribe to kids mostly. They often have more than one account. One account is a blank with many friends or subs if they are a part of the YouTube pedophiles or just a blank account with many favored videos all of children.. either girls or boys or both.

Its a fancy under working of perverts working together on YouTube to keep the videos going up and going down.
Sometimes they target hardworking Anti Pedophile Activists like Noncebusterr, who was suspended recently, and has of yet not been given an explanation as to why this happened from YouTube. Other active YouTube Anti-Pedophile activists are being harassed while pedophiles are spreading a nasty video around using tags and IM-ing systems already in place.

By the time we see the videos/Channels they are:
1. Taken down by YouTube/Account suspended. Which is the best thing we can hope for! But how long were they active and how many videos were sent around? And where is that user now?
2. Taken down by the YouTube channel. (sometimes the icon remains and you can see the title and icon of the video which isn't *available* anymore.)
3. Made private by the YouTube Channel.
4. If its flagged and YouTube thinks it is *ok* there may be a warning of content before you see the video.

Until YouTube takes responsibility and closes its doors completely or develops a way of handling this problem it will remain a problem!

Videos that will educate you about the state of YouTube. This list will be a work in progress!

YouTube Corporate Partner: CBS

YouTube Pedophiles: What I've Learned So Far
YouTube Pedophiles: Bad Guys & Good Guys
The YTV: A Front For Pedophiles
Conversations with a Pedophile
The CobaltDiselenide is full of SHIT - HERE IS PROOF
Tentacle Of The YTV: CircaRigeI
Truth Will Win!
Web of Lies

Video to the Kids on YouTube
What is Truth?
YouTube Pedophiles: Time2Expose aka 'Spanky'
This user on YouTube is not who he says he is!

This is just the beginning of the videos that can help you to know what the real truth is around YouTube!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pedophiles: Filth of Life!

The filth of life are pedophiles who molest children and never get caught!
The filth of life begins in the home of filthy people!
Filth leads to filth!
And more filth!

You molesters and your supporters continue to pollute the world.

You know you haven't any right to offend a child, and yet you encourage other pedophiles to keep on being a pedophile under no supervision of a therapist.
Your fight continues as mine does.. and I promise I will keep fighting against you and one day someone will listen about your victims and the filth of your life.

The truth of your life filthy pedophile. Monster.

Kill yourselves!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jim Freeman was honored

Who is Jim Freeman you may ask. You may wonder why everyone will be talking about him. Along with his user names. His pedo porn name of Mystikal, and his RSO sex offender defender names "Mystik" and "Mystikwarrior"

Not too long ago we asked a very important question.

"Who are these men"?

We wrote about men who preyed on children. We wrote about child molesters. we wrote about rapists and child pornographers. We wrote about men who wanted to look at images of children, toddlers and infants being sexually abused, sometimes sadistically.

We know they're out there looking for it. They come here everyday looking for some of the most bizarre things like
  • pedo san francisco playgrounds
  • nude nine year old girl lolitas geting raped
  • hiding child porn
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  • childs rape pics
  • underage kids illegal incest rape force
  • grooming twelve year old preteens free pics
  • free xxx photos of old men and little boy sex
  • pedo fucking hard
  • i fantasize about forcing a girl into sex

And now, men like these have been busted in what has been called the "most sophisticated child pornography operation in recent memory". 12 Americans were indicted for "participating in a global child pornography ring that distributed more than 400,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in sexual activities." Children drugged and unable to do ANYTHING. Completely at the mercy of sick freaks. WHO will DARE to even attempt to defend this I ask you?

"The 12 men were charged with engaging in a child exploitation enterprise; illegally posting notices seeking to receive, exchange and distribute child porn across state lines; and obstructing of justice. Several also were charged with producing the pornography — meaning they had contact with the children who were exploited"

One conversation went like this:
“This one may offend here, so a word of caution, these girls are heavily drugged,” Roy, known as “Nimo,” wrote on July 10, 2007, according to the court documents. “Not much action to speak of, the girls are (sic) to (expletive deleted) up to move, or resist. Three girls, the first one being the youngest, around 8 or 9 yo.”

At the forefront of these men is none other than Jim Freeman. The executive director, legal director and co-founder of SoHopeful. A sex offender activist group where Tom Madison, Shirley Lowery, David Coffman and other pro-sex offenders got their start. I can't help but wonder why Cheryl Griffith wants to bury this story. Didn't she claim that children's safety was her top concern?
"I can only pray that this is some kind of misunderstanding or government "fix". No matter what it is, this could hurt all of us (groups and individuals) greatly. In my opinion, the best thing we could do is to not post anything about it in our groups about this at least about his connection to any RSO groups."

Google James Freeman's names, especially those baby raper defender names and read what he had to say. The very things all the RSO activists say. The very things all the pedo activists have to say. Read especially his commentary about the reason Christopher Barrios was raped and murdered. And while you're at it, watch out for Zman, you just never know where that little freak will pop up next. While you're reading, keep in the back of your mind that Jim's activism related to getting himself off the SOR. Watch him spin statistics to excuse his behavior.
"very few registered offenders have been clinically diagnosed as pedophiles. As a 'class', sexual offenders have the second-lowest recidivism rate of all criminal offenses"

Then look where he is today.

Written by Stitches
Cross Posted from Absolute Zero
HT to Jacey for graphic

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monsters at Boychat

More sick pointers of illegal activities in pedophile playgrounds such as boychat and YouTube!

Silverspoon of boychat has posted a video at YouTube how to destroy your hard drive.
Why would any one want to do that?

Certainly some of the pedophiles at boychat protested having illegal stuff and even Bill Evans had his *police set-up story* on hand and ready to tell.

These men are not only cowards but blame gamers before- during- and after molesting a child.
No accountability... again we witness their destructive ways and refusal to change.
Children in the mean-time are at the expense of these men.
From Youtube to bebo these filthy pedophiles are masturbating to and collecting pictures of innocent children!

Silverspoon removed or You Tube took the video down.....

According to Silverspoon YouTube did it

What I said was why are you too paranoid to keep your hard drives around?

Monday, February 04, 2008

LOD sig pic talks!

I am having a whole lot of fun with this new software!! Yippeee!! LOL Here is LOD from girlchat’s sig pic!

Here is my first one of my Violet pic! This video is a response to kissbyalice who posted a YouTube video in hopes of gaining some support for his pedophilia!

Hope you like it!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Ticking Time Bomb ~ Aztram Arrested!


Breaking news! Harold Spurling aka Aztram of BoyChat arrested in Connecticut along with his roommate Jeffrey Brisson aka The Night Raven.

We previously wrote about Aztram and pointed you to his wikisposure article here.

Aztram had a 'ticking time bomb' theory in which he believed that anti-pedophile persons and child advocates actually want pedophiles to rape and molest children, just so they can say "I told you so".

The truth of course is that nobody can stand the thought of a child being harmed in this way, we don't want pedophiles to molest children to prove a point. No - we want all pedophiles neutralized and society safeguarded from them.

Aztram is a cognitively distorted filthy pedophile and his sorry ass is sitting in a jail right now. I imagine he'll be there awhile considering his bond was set at 2 million dollars. May this baby raper never see the light of day again.

Two New Britain men were arrested Thursday on several counts of sexual assault involving a 3-month girl, a 14-year-old boy and police say there may be more victims.

Harold Spurling, 39, and Jeffrey Brisson, 29, who shared an apartment on Washington Street, also were charged with risk of injury, tampering with a search warrant and interfering with a search warrant.

BoyChat harbors these guys. The Jim Finn's and the Aztram's. Bill Evans, Santi and Slvrspun. Xanadu and Dylan Thomas. Oh yeah. The only remaining question is "what are we going to do with them once we catch them"

These words from Aztram's poem Little Boy
Little boy,
Pull me inside
The sweet dream that is you.
Let me hold you;
Let me breathe you in.
You justify my beating heart.
Those are not the words of a man who "just loves children and would never hurt children"

Those are the words of a pedophile. A child molester. A child predator and a long time member of BoyChat - the haven for child molesters, perverts and the very essence of evil.

See Aztram's wikisposure page for updates.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pedophilic Child lover term = Child luster in real life

Pedophiles are terming themselves *Child Lovers*. In truth they are really pedophiles "undercover".

Real child lovers would never see a child as sexually exciting or sexually attractive.
Real child lovers would not look at child pornography to masturbate.
Real child lovers would not obsess over child models or child actors.
Real child lovers would not enjoy watching animated child pornography to masturbate.
Real child lovers would not get a sexual feeling when holding a child, or watching a child at play.
Real child lovers would not think a child is flirting with them.
Real child lovers would never rape or fondle a child.
Real child lovers would not molest a child, nor abuse them in any manner.
Real child lovers are devoted to a child's well being and that includes physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Real child lovers know how to treat children and how to properly take care of them. This does not include using alcohol, drugs or sexual material to "turn them on" or bribing them for sexual favors.
Real child lovers understand children, and see children as innocent and for the child they are. Helping children to learn and grow, and experience things that are healthy for them.

No matter what the pedophiles say..... they are not child lovers.
They are child luster's.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No Apologies Pedophiles

This is a video from us *Thrivers*.
We are not sorry pedophiles and child molesters. We are not sorry to those perverts we tell the truth about.

Thrivers: Survivors with attitude from Absolute Zero United. Yeah we made it and now you had better watch out! We will never stop telling the truth about you.