Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who will stand in the gap for a child?

Will you or won't you?

I am.

Pedophiles want to cover up under the label child lovers.
They say that we as society do not care as much for our children as they do.

I say that is a LIE!

Sooner or later the pedophiles who shout the loudest end up getting caught and put into prison. Although usually its not long enough but the fact is that they do not love children.
They prove it without a finger lifted from me.
Their pedo searches and child pornography searches! Their re-offending a child!
They don't comply with the sex offender registry! They don't try to change!

Pedophiles and sex offenders should not be on the internet period!

Our children are put at risk by the very nature of pedophiles and with them being able to be on the internet they are gathering and consoling and encouraging each other's sexual lusts and attractions to children.
Sex offenders making web pages and secret groups to fight the sex offender laws we have in place now. A think tank of ideas how to groom the public into believing they are harmless.
How to abolish sex offender laws and this includes abolishig them for pedophiles who have raped children and are on the registry. We even found out a few who were arrested recently in child porn busts!

And how much worse can things get?

Look at Disney's 20/20 show! The Age of Consent show violated so much trust
many American people do not even realize they were lied to.

How sad that main stream media has to resort to lies and selling our children
for prime-time ratings!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sign the Petition to Disney!

Further incriminating 20/20 is their forums and public discussion on the Age of Consent (located on the 20/20 website) where they decided to selectively delete posts by true child advocates (Anti-pedophile volunteers) and leave up the comments of sex offense reformers and pedophile activists. We have screen shots showing this to be true.


Our children are NOT for sale!

A Hungry Wolf

Disney's 20/20 television show on the Age of Consent, describes Jan Kruska's website as:

A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her

Let's break that down a little shall we?

First of all, someone is hardly "innocent" if at the age of 22 they have sex with 15 year old boy's who they're supposed to be looking after. In regards to the content of Jan's website, here are some things you'll find on it, you can judge for yourself whether they just illustrate how the "registry has affected Jan's life" or something more sinister:


...and then there is the KENT STATE UNIVERSITY STUDY which reveals some startling discoveries

Women would pay a fortune for the skin, sparkling eyes and body of a 10-year-old. This is not an effort to undermine women - shapely women will always be attractive to men. It is those with slim girl-like figures however, that receive many times more attention.

Startling indeed, Jan Kruska copy and pastes a misinterpreted version of the Hall study, what's even more startling is where she got it, Pedophile Pen Power.

Or how about these, which Jan Kruska copied and pasted from an article on the IPCE, a website which describes itself as:

Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.


The protection of the sexual purity of children is one of our few unquestioned moral principles. Sex education for the young focuses on the dangers of sex, and preaches abstinence...

Before the Rind report almost all scholarship in this area explicitly or implicitly endorsed the idea that children are badly hurt by sex and aren't ready for it.[6] Sexual activity involving children is routinely described with negative terms like ``abuse'' and children's purity of heart is usually assumed...

Cultural censorship in this area is strong and scholarship is closely monitored.[8] For example, I wrote an article defending child pornography as a form of speech, arguing that there was no constitutional justification for separating child and adult pornography...

An image of youth as passive in the sexual area, open to adult manipulation and unable to resist, grew up alongside of the image of the rebellious youth who would not obey adult authority in other areas. Definitions always cast the child as a victim even if s/he was a hustler or prostitute...

Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

On another article on her website, Jan Kruska titled "Murdered Children's Parents Profiled," Jan suggests that people such as John Walsh and Mark Lunsford are responsible for their children being murdered and sexually abused:


The common thread with all of these cases is that the parents were living less than, shall we say, good moral lifestyles.

Is this what you would describe as:

A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her

Why is a company like Walt Disney, which makes children's toys and movies, defending a website which claims kids forced into child prostitution aren't victims? Let's put an end to 20/20's lies, join the boycott on Walt Disney, 20/20 and their sponsors!

Show your support, put a boycott banner on your blog/website today:

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Monday, March 17, 2008

YouTube the Pedophile Haven

YouTube! The place you better keep your kids off of!

YouTube! The place you better keep your family videos off of!

Unless you want them viewed by pedophiles AKA: child lovers or MAA's. If you upload a video of your child you can be sure that you will be popular, but also be certain who is going to watch and possibly download that video off from YouTube! Do you want your child's video to become part of a collection of child pornography that the pedophile AKA child lover or MAA masturbates to while looking at your child?

If that doesn't bother you... you should NOT be a parent!

You can easily download videos from YouTube.
I am not suggesting anyone do this because you would be breaking copy write laws.
Just be certain you know all of the risks to your child(ren) before uploading a video of them!

If you need confirmation that your babies are cute take them to a safe family member, a friend..take them out shopping or out to eat... someplace where you can control who is watching them...while they are being so cute. (Also if you do this please be responsible how you dress your children. We have addressed this issue before .)

If you do not agree....you should NOT be a parent!

Teenagers: girls and boys are being exploited at YouTube because they are sometimes old enough to be there and yet young enough that the perverts who like teenagers (startrackphiles...hebophiles..teliophiles..mentalphiles..etc...) have free access to them and can even message them via YouTube and whatever else they can do to get your child to strip or dance or both and if the child doesn't comply they have their gangs to stalk and harass your child into complying or leaving YouTube.

There are people on YouTube willing to pay teenagers for stripping on videos and or exploiting their private parts.

There are other perverts on YouTube posing like Anti-Pedophile activists but all along subscribe to kids mostly. They often have more than one account. One account is a blank with many friends or subs if they are a part of the YouTube pedophiles or just a blank account with many favored videos all of children.. either girls or boys or both.

Its a fancy under working of perverts working together on YouTube to keep the videos going up and going down.
Sometimes they target hardworking Anti Pedophile Activists like Noncebusterr, who was suspended recently, and has of yet not been given an explanation as to why this happened from YouTube. Other active YouTube Anti-Pedophile activists are being harassed while pedophiles are spreading a nasty video around using tags and IM-ing systems already in place.

By the time we see the videos/Channels they are:
1. Taken down by YouTube/Account suspended. Which is the best thing we can hope for! But how long were they active and how many videos were sent around? And where is that user now?
2. Taken down by the YouTube channel. (sometimes the icon remains and you can see the title and icon of the video which isn't *available* anymore.)
3. Made private by the YouTube Channel.
4. If its flagged and YouTube thinks it is *ok* there may be a warning of content before you see the video.

Until YouTube takes responsibility and closes its doors completely or develops a way of handling this problem it will remain a problem!

Videos that will educate you about the state of YouTube. This list will be a work in progress!

YouTube Corporate Partner: CBS

YouTube Pedophiles: What I've Learned So Far
YouTube Pedophiles: Bad Guys & Good Guys
The YTV: A Front For Pedophiles
Conversations with a Pedophile
The CobaltDiselenide is full of SHIT - HERE IS PROOF
Tentacle Of The YTV: CircaRigeI
Truth Will Win!
Web of Lies

Video to the Kids on YouTube
What is Truth?
YouTube Pedophiles: Time2Expose aka 'Spanky'
This user on YouTube is not who he says he is!

This is just the beginning of the videos that can help you to know what the real truth is around YouTube!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pedophiles: Filth of Life!

The filth of life are pedophiles who molest children and never get caught!
The filth of life begins in the home of filthy people!
Filth leads to filth!
And more filth!

You molesters and your supporters continue to pollute the world.

You know you haven't any right to offend a child, and yet you encourage other pedophiles to keep on being a pedophile under no supervision of a therapist.
Your fight continues as mine does.. and I promise I will keep fighting against you and one day someone will listen about your victims and the filth of your life.

The truth of your life filthy pedophile. Monster.

Kill yourselves!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jim Freeman was honored

Who is Jim Freeman you may ask. You may wonder why everyone will be talking about him. Along with his user names. His pedo porn name of Mystikal, and his RSO sex offender defender names "Mystik" and "Mystikwarrior"

Not too long ago we asked a very important question.

"Who are these men"?

We wrote about men who preyed on children. We wrote about child molesters. we wrote about rapists and child pornographers. We wrote about men who wanted to look at images of children, toddlers and infants being sexually abused, sometimes sadistically.

We know they're out there looking for it. They come here everyday looking for some of the most bizarre things like
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And now, men like these have been busted in what has been called the "most sophisticated child pornography operation in recent memory". 12 Americans were indicted for "participating in a global child pornography ring that distributed more than 400,000 pictures and videos of children engaged in sexual activities." Children drugged and unable to do ANYTHING. Completely at the mercy of sick freaks. WHO will DARE to even attempt to defend this I ask you?

"The 12 men were charged with engaging in a child exploitation enterprise; illegally posting notices seeking to receive, exchange and distribute child porn across state lines; and obstructing of justice. Several also were charged with producing the pornography — meaning they had contact with the children who were exploited"

One conversation went like this:
“This one may offend here, so a word of caution, these girls are heavily drugged,” Roy, known as “Nimo,” wrote on July 10, 2007, according to the court documents. “Not much action to speak of, the girls are (sic) to (expletive deleted) up to move, or resist. Three girls, the first one being the youngest, around 8 or 9 yo.”

At the forefront of these men is none other than Jim Freeman. The executive director, legal director and co-founder of SoHopeful. A sex offender activist group where Tom Madison, Shirley Lowery, David Coffman and other pro-sex offenders got their start. I can't help but wonder why Cheryl Griffith wants to bury this story. Didn't she claim that children's safety was her top concern?
"I can only pray that this is some kind of misunderstanding or government "fix". No matter what it is, this could hurt all of us (groups and individuals) greatly. In my opinion, the best thing we could do is to not post anything about it in our groups about this at least about his connection to any RSO groups."

Google James Freeman's names, especially those baby raper defender names and read what he had to say. The very things all the RSO activists say. The very things all the pedo activists have to say. Read especially his commentary about the reason Christopher Barrios was raped and murdered. And while you're at it, watch out for Zman, you just never know where that little freak will pop up next. While you're reading, keep in the back of your mind that Jim's activism related to getting himself off the SOR. Watch him spin statistics to excuse his behavior.
"very few registered offenders have been clinically diagnosed as pedophiles. As a 'class', sexual offenders have the second-lowest recidivism rate of all criminal offenses"

Then look where he is today.

Written by Stitches
Cross Posted from Absolute Zero
HT to Jacey for graphic

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monsters at Boychat

More sick pointers of illegal activities in pedophile playgrounds such as boychat and YouTube!

Silverspoon of boychat has posted a video at YouTube how to destroy your hard drive.
Why would any one want to do that?

Certainly some of the pedophiles at boychat protested having illegal stuff and even Bill Evans had his *police set-up story* on hand and ready to tell.

These men are not only cowards but blame gamers before- during- and after molesting a child.
No accountability... again we witness their destructive ways and refusal to change.
Children in the mean-time are at the expense of these men.
From Youtube to bebo these filthy pedophiles are masturbating to and collecting pictures of innocent children!

Silverspoon removed or You Tube took the video down.....

According to Silverspoon YouTube did it

What I said was why are you too paranoid to keep your hard drives around?