Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Monsters at Boychat

More sick pointers of illegal activities in pedophile playgrounds such as boychat and YouTube!

Silverspoon of boychat has posted a video at YouTube how to destroy your hard drive.
Why would any one want to do that?

Certainly some of the pedophiles at boychat protested having illegal stuff and even Bill Evans had his *police set-up story* on hand and ready to tell.

These men are not only cowards but blame gamers before- during- and after molesting a child.
No accountability... again we witness their destructive ways and refusal to change.
Children in the mean-time are at the expense of these men.
From Youtube to bebo these filthy pedophiles are masturbating to and collecting pictures of innocent children!

Silverspoon removed or You Tube took the video down.....

According to Silverspoon YouTube did it

What I said was why are you too paranoid to keep your hard drives around?