Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who will stand in the gap for a child?

Will you or won't you?

I am.

Pedophiles want to cover up under the label child lovers.
They say that we as society do not care as much for our children as they do.

I say that is a LIE!

Sooner or later the pedophiles who shout the loudest end up getting caught and put into prison. Although usually its not long enough but the fact is that they do not love children.
They prove it without a finger lifted from me.
Their pedo searches and child pornography searches! Their re-offending a child!
They don't comply with the sex offender registry! They don't try to change!

Pedophiles and sex offenders should not be on the internet period!

Our children are put at risk by the very nature of pedophiles and with them being able to be on the internet they are gathering and consoling and encouraging each other's sexual lusts and attractions to children.
Sex offenders making web pages and secret groups to fight the sex offender laws we have in place now. A think tank of ideas how to groom the public into believing they are harmless.
How to abolish sex offender laws and this includes abolishig them for pedophiles who have raped children and are on the registry. We even found out a few who were arrested recently in child porn busts!

And how much worse can things get?

Look at Disney's 20/20 show! The Age of Consent show violated so much trust
many American people do not even realize they were lied to.

How sad that main stream media has to resort to lies and selling our children
for prime-time ratings!