Monday, March 17, 2008

YouTube the Pedophile Haven

YouTube! The place you better keep your kids off of!

YouTube! The place you better keep your family videos off of!

Unless you want them viewed by pedophiles AKA: child lovers or MAA's. If you upload a video of your child you can be sure that you will be popular, but also be certain who is going to watch and possibly download that video off from YouTube! Do you want your child's video to become part of a collection of child pornography that the pedophile AKA child lover or MAA masturbates to while looking at your child?

If that doesn't bother you... you should NOT be a parent!

You can easily download videos from YouTube.
I am not suggesting anyone do this because you would be breaking copy write laws.
Just be certain you know all of the risks to your child(ren) before uploading a video of them!

If you need confirmation that your babies are cute take them to a safe family member, a friend..take them out shopping or out to eat... someplace where you can control who is watching them...while they are being so cute. (Also if you do this please be responsible how you dress your children. We have addressed this issue before .)

If you do not should NOT be a parent!

Teenagers: girls and boys are being exploited at YouTube because they are sometimes old enough to be there and yet young enough that the perverts who like teenagers (startrackphiles...hebophiles..teliophiles..mentalphiles..etc...) have free access to them and can even message them via YouTube and whatever else they can do to get your child to strip or dance or both and if the child doesn't comply they have their gangs to stalk and harass your child into complying or leaving YouTube.

There are people on YouTube willing to pay teenagers for stripping on videos and or exploiting their private parts.

There are other perverts on YouTube posing like Anti-Pedophile activists but all along subscribe to kids mostly. They often have more than one account. One account is a blank with many friends or subs if they are a part of the YouTube pedophiles or just a blank account with many favored videos all of children.. either girls or boys or both.

Its a fancy under working of perverts working together on YouTube to keep the videos going up and going down.
Sometimes they target hardworking Anti Pedophile Activists like Noncebusterr, who was suspended recently, and has of yet not been given an explanation as to why this happened from YouTube. Other active YouTube Anti-Pedophile activists are being harassed while pedophiles are spreading a nasty video around using tags and IM-ing systems already in place.

By the time we see the videos/Channels they are:
1. Taken down by YouTube/Account suspended. Which is the best thing we can hope for! But how long were they active and how many videos were sent around? And where is that user now?
2. Taken down by the YouTube channel. (sometimes the icon remains and you can see the title and icon of the video which isn't *available* anymore.)
3. Made private by the YouTube Channel.
4. If its flagged and YouTube thinks it is *ok* there may be a warning of content before you see the video.

Until YouTube takes responsibility and closes its doors completely or develops a way of handling this problem it will remain a problem!

Videos that will educate you about the state of YouTube. This list will be a work in progress!

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This is just the beginning of the videos that can help you to know what the real truth is around YouTube!