Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zlurker you make me wretch!

Pigman zlurker GL Meister you sick vile pedophile filth!

Your filled with lust and pride. Your filled so full you stink like a child molester. You rotten filthy pig!

You scum of the earth! You will burn like the rotten flesh off the bones of your brethren pedophile pigs on pig roast day. Churning your fat charbroiled flesh over and over again while you stay alive -over the fire- screaming in pain-watching your flesh burn-feeling it forever. A never ending pig roast!

Oh yeah and if that isn't enough ... here is another screen shot of his latest take on little girls with pierced ears.

You disgusting POS just reading what you write shows us more and more of what kind of sick bastard you are. Your lusting over little girls.. seeing them as sexual objects and promoting the idea of it to other pedophiles!

I just cannot believe your still free roaming around I wish your wife had more back bone to turn you in!