Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ravyn seek mental help

I received this message from a YouTube user:

After getting that message I wondered about it all so I set about 'investigating'.

I found a whole lot to question about this guy but the fact that he lied to me in his initial message in where he said that it was a vicious lie.. that he talked about someone's child when I found a video of him admitting talking about their children!

This is what caused me to make the following youtube video

The madness that follows from his comments are laughable .. insane!

Here are some for our entertainment

RavynCrowShow (20 hours ago) Show Hide

she/he twisted what i said to them and this is the thanks i get for trying to help in their cause??? that is fucked up!! she/he needs help! not me!

AZUStitches77 (11 hours ago) Show Hide

Trying to help the cause Ravyn? No I think it's YOU who needs some discipline. Take your medicine like a good little crazy person.

RavynCrowShow (19 hours ago) Show Hide

cold day in hell before i ever leave off the one can ever make me leave off here. you all are stuck with me. hows that make you feel knowing i will never ever leave..huh??

AZUStitches77 (11 hours ago) Show Hide

Nobody is stuck with you Ravyn. I seriously don't think you realize that nobody is stuck with you.

The only person who IS stuck with you is.......YOU.

RebelChiId (19 hours ago) Show Hide

Your sense of perception is so messed up that you think that everyone is as messed up as you are. Guess what? They aren't.

RavynCrowShow (19 hours ago) Show Hide

so i guess i can go around and call you a baby raper and throw out false accussations at you and that would justify your behavior then?? ok then i accuse you of being a pedophile for calling me one knowing that for one not but ill go around and spread vicious lies about someone i dont even know and see how you like that one. im sure your parents would like that very much..wont they?

VioletLeaves (12 hours ago) Show Hide

Look at the tags
who called you a pedophile?
Your mentally whacked totally
You can't handle the internet.

RavynCrowShow (12 hours ago) Show Hide

im mentally whacked? who goes around the internet and calls everyone pedophiles and makes false accussations about people she/he don't even know. how we know you aint some pedo yourself hiding behind a cause. maybe i will start accussing you so that you will get a tasted of your own medicine. would you like that?? would you like your parents to see the real truth of you??

VioletLeaves (11 hours ago) Show Hide

I know your not listening or reading however I asked where I called you a pedophile.

Call me what you want it doesn't matter see-my credentials speak for themselves. As your words do for you.

AZUStitches77 (11 hours ago) Show Hide

The reason he believes you called him a pedophile is because he's mentally whacked. I'm sure we can find him a local mental health clinic that will accept him.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

you think a few insults really hurt me moron?? you seriously need a lesson in real life..go play in traffic!!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

**you think a few insults really hurt me moron??**

ROFLMAO Actually I've seen your videos, I doubt much of anything could hurt someone as whacked out as you.

But I do think you WANT someone to hurt you.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

oh yeah im soooo whacked out of my mind but yet at least im not like you and in denial of my sexuality bitch!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

He definitely needs help.

He wants to act like a whacked out crazy person and EMERGE but then he doesn't know how to accept the consequences of his actions.

Fortunately we know how to deal with this sort of behavior.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

nothing you can do to me is going to stop me FAT FUCKER!! your threats mean jack shit!!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

*your threats mean jack shit!! *

Okie dokie

As soon as you become familiar with me, you can come back and either apologize to me, beg me to back off and beg for mercy or go quietly into that good night.

Or we can do this the easy way and check you into a mental hospital for people too stupid to know not to mess with me. Either way, you don't call me a fat fucker you fucking little twit of a man. Not and get away with it anyway.
Now... we all KNOW BETTER than to call Stitches a FAT FUCKER (LOL) of all things!
This guy either has too many guts for his own good, or he just is plain stupid or both!

I had to put him in his place...

VioletLeaves (9 hours ago) Show Hide

oh you better beg for mercy ravyn after you apologize!

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

i never fucking beg bitch! i laugh at morons like you who are too stupid and are fat fuckers. get a fucking life assholes!!

VioletLeaves (8 hours ago) Show Hide

Its too bad your pride and stupidity leads you to such anger and embracing your mental illness as normal ... you need therapy to overcome that which binds you. Unless maybe a priest would suit you better... for an exorcism.

RavynCrowShow (8 hours ago) Show Hide

your not a fucking doctor so stop while your ahead fucker. you dont run my life asshole. i was perfectly fine until you twisted shit around smartass. but like i said..your getting so butthurt over little old me. so fucking sad.

RavynCrowShow (9 hours ago) Show Hide

ooooooo..threaten me some more fat fuck!! whos fucking getting mad?? sounds like i butthurt you very badly!! poor fat fuck!! FAT FUCKER FAT FUCKER FAT FUCKER!! i dare you to call north central mental health services here in columbus ohio..i fucking dare you moron..come on do it now..don't hesitate asshole!! DO IT THE FUCK NOW OR STFU AND GET BENT!!

AZUStitches77 (9 hours ago) Show Hide

Stupid fat fucker?????

Woah Violet!!!! Did you hear that Violet? Did you hear what he called me?

Hmmmm I think this is worse that we first believed it to be. We might have to call up the Anti's.

Especially considering that "he's just a man who decided to EMERGE"

In the comments he says he has to go to work.. but instead of "going to work" he stayed home to make us this video reply to his activities on my video.

This guy needs mental help and the sooner he gets it the better!

Here is the last video where he threatens us with a knife after he says he went to the police?!