Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Please zlurker
Posted by Trucker on Tuesday, December 16 2008 at 04:41:13pm
In reply to Regarding Bullies posted by zlurker on Tuesday, December 16 2008 at 04:11:19am
All due respect, why do you even bother to talk about those silly jerks? Bullies? They sling their feces from behind their computers, yet they'll NEVER get up close and personal with anybody - that constitutes physical harassment and is the grounds for justifiable SELF-DEFENSE. Get my drift?

They bring their noise to me in real life and I assure you my 180 lb bull mastiff Boogie will get his fill (*rubbing his tummy*).

Besides, don't you have little girls to spend significant time with (and make VL jealous because HE can't get any action)?

This shit thrower here is the fat ugly pedophile sex offender Trucker. This sex offender is running wild slinging insults and blaming victims. He is no way rehabilitated--he is still a criminal sex offender with his penis in his hand.

His lies...the violence underlying in his words..the imagined "persecution" even though he is a pedophile and a sex offender.

Go ram your truck into a cement wall.

And Zlurker tsk tsk

When you get arrested and jailed for molesting those little girls-- while in your cell-- imagine what your life would had been like if you did not embrace your lust and your addiction to child porn and little girls.

Feeding the wrong addiction can and will get you in big trouble.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last ones standing Vs boychatters the cowards

More filth from boychat but this one is laughable. Yep I have to LOL at you stupid pedophiles and oh lets play this game: LAST ONES STANDING.

Posted by slvrspun on 2008-December-14 14:42:36, Sunday
In reply to Re: I did too.. sortof posted by Strato on 2008-December-14 14:35:09, Sunday
I bet the filth were pissed off when they realised every bit of my hard drive space was TC'ed. The cops have been here at my home for other matters and I've been stopped on the street twice too (grr, very odd indeed), but nothing has been mentioned in relation to my raid.

Any one have any Rat Poison?

Red Rodent from BC wants attention. He supposedly thinks we all will be shocked by what he is. I can only imagine him to be another fat freak pedophile living in filth.

Here is a excerpt from a post he wrote at BoyCrap.

As for PJ and wankisposure, they seem to have lost interest. Their site hasn't been updated for months (save for the ridiculous claim that, when Dylan was arrested, they were somehow responsible). Unlike you and me, who are seasoned campaigners who make no song and dance about it -- for us it's just everyday life -- the Peej pillocks are fairweather attention-grabbers who feed on the whims of the gutter press: when paedo-paranoia was all the rage, they jumped on the bandwagon; now that it's old news, they're off feeding on another fad. Let the kids get fucked, it doesn't draw attention to them anymore, so forget it.

I have a little poem for this idiot

"Lie to your workmates, lie to your folks
Put down the morals and tell pedophile jokes.
Forget the truth from everywhere else
live in the lie of pedophile propaganda...
and end up in prison."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Of Pessimism, Optimism, and Reality

28, from girlchat posted today-- what I see as more evidence of pedophiles wishing to deceive the public regarding pedophiles and their lusts and ambition to be more "society friendly" child lovers.. undercover pedophiles.

I feel great knowing that the term "Child Lovers" isn't a good "PC" word for pedophiles any longer, but curious as to what description they will come up with for their lust now.

28-Needless to say, we cannot label ourselves as "Pedophiles", or even the more politically correct "Child Lovers", as they immediately send a red flag to just about every parent, LEO, and Child Advocate in the world. Doing this virtually assures that we will have NO contact with children ever. Therefore, we must decide what is more important in our lives; coming out of the toybox, or living life the way we are hard wired to live it. The realist chooses the later, while the optimist the former. Pessimists do neither; they just sit home, miserable and discontented, feeling sorry for themselves.

Living life the way you were "hard wired to live it".
See... it really doesn't matter how they word it. Pedophiles still stink, still lie, still desire sex with children no matter what label they put on- or endorse.

28-Those of us who have not made the decision to come out of the toybox, or who have not been outed by some other means, may also build a life based on caring for, and being with the little people with whom we wish to share so much. We CAN be benefactors to the children in our lives, as well as the recipients of their love. Although we cannot, in good conscience, fulfill our deepest desires for sexual intimacy, the rest of the pie is ours...if we are able to take it.

"If we are able to take it" Take it take it take it.
From the words of this deviant taking the rest of the pie even in deceit-- is better than no pie at all.

28-Remember, the sum of our abilities is a whole lot greater than each of the individual parts. And while we may not realize social acceptance in our lifetimes, we can take comfort that we will leave the next generation of Child Lovers a foundation and a legacy upon which they can continue to build.

The true legacy so many pedophiles leave are in case folders of sexual abuse victims,
on Police reports and forever etched into the minds of those children they have offended.