Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Zlurker aka GLmeister the girlchat pig pedophile

We knew it was happening.

We knew he would groom his own children and here is more proof of that.
This sick child molester has again caused vomit to spew across my keyboard.

This is a "child lover" pedophile rather Child hater.
Grooming his own child. You sick fucker.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Shane Hellenga A.K.A.Boywtchr1975 of Belvidere, Illinois, United States is member of the pedophile message board Boylover.net, with roughly 150 posts to his name. In his posts on Boylover.net, Hellenga describes himself as a "boylover" and admits that he would be prepared to have sexual contact with a child. Hellenga also admits that he slept naked with a 13-year old which boy stayed at his house over night.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


is a member of the pedophile forum boylover dot net. McDonald also attempted to set up multiple forums of his own for pedophiles under names such as "Boyville."
quotes from evil-unveiled:
Topic: What turns You on Most About a Boy??

"depending on the boy really

can be anything [Big Grin]"

Another quote:

Topic: downloading to disc saved the pix to your HDD in a folder of any name. then if using XP. highlight the folder and click "copy to CD" under Picture Tasks then secure wipe the folder after burning the CD with the photos in it"

Lets get this trash put away!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kill yourselves pedophiles

Every day a child pays
the price
before they've even had a chance
to live.

by Annie Lennox

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girl Chatter AZURE molester

Again AZURE delusional dangerous pedophile predator grooming a little girl if he hasn't molested her its soon.
This little girl is in danger!


Why does my LGF keep flashing me? I can't stop her
Posted by azure on Saturday, September 12 2009 at 04:18:10pm
I mentioned at http://www.annabelleigh.net/messages/478810.htm a little GM where my 10yo LGF came into the room I was in, having 'accidentally' put her top on backwards, and then said asked for my help and took it off completely unprompted. A wonderful moment that left me dizzy.

This has escalated into a daily occurence, and I'd be interested for any info about the psychology of why she is doing this, from your own GM experiences.

It gets worse much worse.

This pedophile is going to rape this little girl and blame it on her.

More children being molested because their desperate Mother needs a "penis" or a "paycheck".
NOTHING is more important to women like this... even their own children.

I blame the Moms who bring in molesters. I blame them because their job is to protect their child .. and not go find a new daddy for her/him.

Why bring children into the world and then forget about them?
What kind of animals are you?

MONSTERS and their women. SKANKS - WHORES -POOR FAT SLOBS- SICKLY -DRUG ADDICTS -OVER TRUSTING-NEGLECTFUL- Many of these women are in need... they need a babysitter....these are easy targets for pedophiles.

Women like this are obviously too dumb and too easily groomed themselves to look up information concerning this man they have around their children!
They need help. I can help. We all can help.
Start paying attention to those people these type of women bring around and watch their children in case you have to protect them while their own mother won't.

Even if they are not on the sex offender registry you can study ways to recognize pedophiles
online (We have plenty of resources) or even in your local library.
Ask a social worker or therapist to help you.

There is help out here to stop this insane behavior!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

YouTube doesn't want your videos up KBA

Anyone archive my vids?

Posted by kissbyalice on Saturday, August 29 2009 at 04:44:12am

Just wondering... I don't have any copies of them...if anyone has all of them :o or some of them...and a download linkage :) cause peeps have been asking for them but I don't have copies of them anymore.

KBA one person asking for a copy of your stupid videos is not "peeps".

Ask wmc or violent flea
Posted by Sexiest GLer of All Time on Saturday, August 29 2009 at 06:19:26am

I doubt nigel has a copy..there was no cp in it. He's just down that way.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pedophile gawking at little girls in changing room!

Justincredible a pedophile at girlchat was so anxious about writing his perverted actions out to his buddies at the pedophile message board that he has to use his mobile phone to text in his "GM" (girl moment) notice how he takes advantage of every opportunity to gawk at these little girls!

What a filthy vile scumbag!

Bottle a fellow girlchat poster has to chime in with proxy concerns for mobile phones
because these vile evil creatures KNOW they are monsters!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The pedophile absence of Morals

I was commenting on http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com/ when the sentence came up

"There would be no child porn without pedophiles"

Child porn and child molestation-- has got to come to an end... and this why we are coming to get you pedophiles.

You pedophiles have not been successful in shutting us up.
You pedophiles are failures.

Because of pedophiles absence of morals they refer to society as the 'bad guy' for not allowing them to ruin a child for life.

And out of 40 million sexual survivors I have read some pedophiles comments that say they were molested and liked it.

It has to be some sort of switch that turns off-- inside the brain-- that tells the pedophile its ok if it happened to them and they refuse to break the cycle and continue bad actions that they endured as children. I cannot agree it to be an accepted behavior-- that a sexual abuse survivor would actually set out to do.

Just the thought of the grooming they would had to have endured to accept "childlove" IE "child lust". The grooming must had taken place for such a long time that they were brainwashed into thinking its ok or proper.

Possibly they feel guilty because what was done to them they did to another child. So instead of realizing they need to change their thoughts they embrace them with encouragement from other pedophiles...
it isn't hard to imagine the process.

So with this insight we must use our knowledge to educate and protect our children and families that pedophiles are child haters, who regularly engage in hate speech against children and who do nothing to break the cycle if it was done to them as children.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Child lovers AKA Pedophiles

child lovers are pedophiles and that means its child 'lust' not 'love'.

A random video...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Breaking the cycle of abuse!

Here is a video I made 2 years ago that was deleted from YouTube.

A self journey towards healing.
Breaking the cycle of abuse, and telling the secrets insures us all a better future!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Demosthenes aka Jacob Detring, the pedophile

Here we have a 29 year old pedophile who has only one regret and that is not molesting a little girl!

He has no regard for children what so ever don't be fooled by the jazz and smazz he reeks of.
He says:

Little girls need a love that only we can provide them. I'll leave the little boys to those who are inclined to go that direction, but friendship with little boys I more than welcome. Pedophiles are the glue holding the rending moral fiber of society together. We are all that stands between children and a world where innocence of any kind can not exist. Yes, innocence can thrive when we are involved with a child, even when that involvement becomes sexual. We are children's last hope, and they are our salvation. We keep the world a place that they can survive in, and they return the favor. Ours is a symbiotic existence, and the day will come that that symbiosis can be complete. I have never broken any laws, and I don't intend to.. but if a little girl asks me to, I will rearrange the stars in the sky for her enjoyment and delight.

My goodness... rearrange the stars in the sky for "her" enjoyment?
You selfish ignorant idiot! No words can describe your stupidity.

No child wants sex with you!

Read about this sick freak at Demosthenes he was part of Wikisposure Day April 25th, 2009 in which numerous pedophiles were profiled on http://wikisposure.com .
Great work wikisposure!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Civil Confinement Camps Needed!

There has always been
something wrong
with Trucker the pedophile who posts at girlchat.

This proves it:

How terribly telling ... here's an ex-con sex offender Trucker feeling PITY for an accused child rapist/ killer!?!!

Trucker said in the next screen-shot:

"10 years ago I told my therapist I had sexual feelings for little girls, and I got thrown in prison and my life nearly ruined. Who knows? The alleged murderer could've been a member on a pedophile forum who could not talk to anybody in RL about her attraction."

Not only is Trucker sympathizing with this child rapist/killer he is blaming us --blaming society-- blaming the world-- because we want them exposed so we can keep our children safe.

Why we do let these monsters out of prison?

They should all stay locked up for life growing their own vegetables in civil confinement camps!!!

Civil confinement camps for monsters who download child pornography and other crimes not fitting with natural life in prison or the death penalty.

This could boost local economy by hiring guards and keeping the place secure. Also the dredge of society like Trucker could not take jobs away from those more deserving, but could learn how to shovel manure for 12 hour days so the camp can grow its food.

The camps each being self sufficient for their own food along with the possibility of making extra money by having a factory of some sort inside the camp for offenders to work in to pay their restitution if required. This same factory can provide a good or goods to the community or state or federal offices of some sort, thereby not only giving the public jobs, it also creates a way for the sex offender to be held accountable for life his or her actions against a child or children.

There would be no internet at the camps and no "rights" like a prison inmate handbook--once your in the camp its about you surviving for life
just like your victim(s) have to!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

YouTube the pedophile playground continued

There has been some events around Youtube that have sparked much conflict.

There is a group of pedophiles running around Youtube calling themselves "YouTubeVigilantis" who flag and report videos of anyone who does not agree with their pedophile ways.

The YouTube Vigilantis (YTV) only target a group on YouTube called The YouTube Yahweh Clan or YTYC. They have worked for over 2 yrs in collaborating videos about people who do not agree with them.

Personally when I first arrived on Youtube I was right away asked by different YT channels but none of the YTV to help flag videos that were offensive. Mostly kids half naked or naked and perverts commenting to them.
As time went on I found the YTV and noticed before I ever acknowledged them, they had me blocked. For example user TBD1000. Tbd1000 is a part of the YTV the pedophile clan who flags and reports videos that expose them as the fakers they are.

The YTV is a fake Anti-Pedophile group ran by pedophiles mainly from boychat. They admitted not reporting any pedophiles but then changed it to reporting 5 pedophiles
(this is unproven) and yet allows adult users to berate children, to stalk children and supports one of its users to pose as a fake child to be in the YoungtubersUnited group which is supposed to be only for children.
The fake child is logansperman2 who was proven to be a boychat user named Anakinboy10. Who also was found to be taking kids videos and selling them VIA AMAZON in exchange for gift certificates on Amazon.

Many videos were made about this user. The following videos are in order of discovery of these events. This first video made by Yahweh was taken down with-in hours:

RJ Carter made a plea to Jesari and his father concerning YoungTubersUnited:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Girlchatter sex offender not rehabilitated

Happened on girlchat and read this post

Full-blown erection!
Posted by Trucker on Saturday, January 31 2009 at 11:48:15am
I'll spare the details so Kero Cop won't put his laser sight on my willy, but today I saw a half-naked LG by accident and for the first time in over a year I got absolutely 100% sexually stimulated.

It felt great. And not even the most attractive women I've seen could get me THAT erect.


What part of bragging about your penis is special trucker?

Your bragging about getting sexually excited over seeing a little girl half naked (WITHOUT HER CONSENT) you visually raped her.

You are a total waste of human flesh, breath and taking up space on our planet that could be occupied by some one who would NOT hurt children. Ever.