Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Civil Confinement Camps Needed!

There has always been
something wrong
with Trucker the pedophile who posts at girlchat.

This proves it:

How terribly telling ... here's an ex-con sex offender Trucker feeling PITY for an accused child rapist/ killer!?!!

Trucker said in the next screen-shot:

"10 years ago I told my therapist I had sexual feelings for little girls, and I got thrown in prison and my life nearly ruined. Who knows? The alleged murderer could've been a member on a pedophile forum who could not talk to anybody in RL about her attraction."

Not only is Trucker sympathizing with this child rapist/killer he is blaming us --blaming society-- blaming the world-- because we want them exposed so we can keep our children safe.

Why we do let these monsters out of prison?

They should all stay locked up for life growing their own vegetables in civil confinement camps!!!

Civil confinement camps for monsters who download child pornography and other crimes not fitting with natural life in prison or the death penalty.

This could boost local economy by hiring guards and keeping the place secure. Also the dredge of society like Trucker could not take jobs away from those more deserving, but could learn how to shovel manure for 12 hour days so the camp can grow its food.

The camps each being self sufficient for their own food along with the possibility of making extra money by having a factory of some sort inside the camp for offenders to work in to pay their restitution if required. This same factory can provide a good or goods to the community or state or federal offices of some sort, thereby not only giving the public jobs, it also creates a way for the sex offender to be held accountable for life his or her actions against a child or children.

There would be no internet at the camps and no "rights" like a prison inmate handbook--once your in the camp its about you surviving for life
just like your victim(s) have to!