Monday, April 27, 2009

Demosthenes aka Jacob Detring, the pedophile

Here we have a 29 year old pedophile who has only one regret and that is not molesting a little girl!

He has no regard for children what so ever don't be fooled by the jazz and smazz he reeks of.
He says:

Little girls need a love that only we can provide them. I'll leave the little boys to those who are inclined to go that direction, but friendship with little boys I more than welcome. Pedophiles are the glue holding the rending moral fiber of society together. We are all that stands between children and a world where innocence of any kind can not exist. Yes, innocence can thrive when we are involved with a child, even when that involvement becomes sexual. We are children's last hope, and they are our salvation. We keep the world a place that they can survive in, and they return the favor. Ours is a symbiotic existence, and the day will come that that symbiosis can be complete. I have never broken any laws, and I don't intend to.. but if a little girl asks me to, I will rearrange the stars in the sky for her enjoyment and delight.

My goodness... rearrange the stars in the sky for "her" enjoyment?
You selfish ignorant idiot! No words can describe your stupidity.

No child wants sex with you!

Read about this sick freak at Demosthenes he was part of Wikisposure Day April 25th, 2009 in which numerous pedophiles were profiled on .
Great work wikisposure!