Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pedophile gawking at little girls in changing room!

Justincredible a pedophile at girlchat was so anxious about writing his perverted actions out to his buddies at the pedophile message board that he has to use his mobile phone to text in his "GM" (girl moment) notice how he takes advantage of every opportunity to gawk at these little girls!

What a filthy vile scumbag!

Bottle a fellow girlchat poster has to chime in with proxy concerns for mobile phones
because these vile evil creatures KNOW they are monsters!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The pedophile absence of Morals

I was commenting on http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com/ when the sentence came up

"There would be no child porn without pedophiles"

Child porn and child molestation-- has got to come to an end... and this why we are coming to get you pedophiles.

You pedophiles have not been successful in shutting us up.
You pedophiles are failures.

Because of pedophiles absence of morals they refer to society as the 'bad guy' for not allowing them to ruin a child for life.

And out of 40 million sexual survivors I have read some pedophiles comments that say they were molested and liked it.

It has to be some sort of switch that turns off-- inside the brain-- that tells the pedophile its ok if it happened to them and they refuse to break the cycle and continue bad actions that they endured as children. I cannot agree it to be an accepted behavior-- that a sexual abuse survivor would actually set out to do.

Just the thought of the grooming they would had to have endured to accept "childlove" IE "child lust". The grooming must had taken place for such a long time that they were brainwashed into thinking its ok or proper.

Possibly they feel guilty because what was done to them they did to another child. So instead of realizing they need to change their thoughts they embrace them with encouragement from other pedophiles...
it isn't hard to imagine the process.

So with this insight we must use our knowledge to educate and protect our children and families that pedophiles are child haters, who regularly engage in hate speech against children and who do nothing to break the cycle if it was done to them as children.