Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kill yourselves pedophiles

Every day a child pays
the price
before they've even had a chance
to live.

by Annie Lennox

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Girl Chatter AZURE molester

Again AZURE delusional dangerous pedophile predator grooming a little girl if he hasn't molested her its soon.
This little girl is in danger!


Why does my LGF keep flashing me? I can't stop her
Posted by azure on Saturday, September 12 2009 at 04:18:10pm
I mentioned at a little GM where my 10yo LGF came into the room I was in, having 'accidentally' put her top on backwards, and then said asked for my help and took it off completely unprompted. A wonderful moment that left me dizzy.

This has escalated into a daily occurence, and I'd be interested for any info about the psychology of why she is doing this, from your own GM experiences.

It gets worse much worse.

This pedophile is going to rape this little girl and blame it on her.

More children being molested because their desperate Mother needs a "penis" or a "paycheck".
NOTHING is more important to women like this... even their own children.

I blame the Moms who bring in molesters. I blame them because their job is to protect their child .. and not go find a new daddy for her/him.

Why bring children into the world and then forget about them?
What kind of animals are you?

MONSTERS and their women. SKANKS - WHORES -POOR FAT SLOBS- SICKLY -DRUG ADDICTS -OVER TRUSTING-NEGLECTFUL- Many of these women are in need... they need a babysitter....these are easy targets for pedophiles.

Women like this are obviously too dumb and too easily groomed themselves to look up information concerning this man they have around their children!
They need help. I can help. We all can help.
Start paying attention to those people these type of women bring around and watch their children in case you have to protect them while their own mother won't.

Even if they are not on the sex offender registry you can study ways to recognize pedophiles
online (We have plenty of resources) or even in your local library.
Ask a social worker or therapist to help you.

There is help out here to stop this insane behavior!