Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Pope is just another pervert...

Read more: Pope sticking up for child molesters

How sick and telling it is... that this evil man wants to decriminalize child porn!!! Certainly pope benedict is a molester... your motive is: do not protect the children but to keep your rich satanic church open!! KEEP IT OPEN BY GOSH!!! YOU NEED TO KEEP STEALING MONEY FROM PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE YOUR LIES!!!
Otherwise...more and more priests will be brought out into the open!! Your church will go under!! You will not sit on heaps of gold!! Oh and by golly-- if you cant send pedopriests away to a 3rd world country to molest more kids whose kids will be left to prey on?
I say you eat each other to death and choke to death on your bones--
and the bones of the dead victims! And the cries of thousands of survivors will spew you into Hell...and your filthy perverted church filled with the blood of satan that lays under your breadth of riches- which you have used to exploit children for centuries is crumbling, tumbling down.

Filth!! benedict you filthy sick creep.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Zlurker scum pig of the pig house

zlurker the pig is snorting away ready to cheat on his wife.

He has told her he is a pedophile attracted to little girls. She has never done anything about it! WHY?

She can try to keep the secrets only for so long. The truth will come out and
I suspect he has multiple victims including children of his own!
I assume he is also a child porn watcher, possibly collector. I suspect he can be violent to his wife, verbally abusive and controlling.

Re: Miley is 18!
Posted by zlurker on Saturday, December 4 2010 at 01:24:46am
In reply to Miley is 18! posted by gingerman23 on Friday, December 3 2010 at 07:18:04pm
Well, 17 is legal in my area. And there are a few girls who, though not 17 yet, seem like they might still be desirable to me when that reach that mystical and magical age when they instantaneously develop the maturity and experience needed to decide for themselves who they can share their bodies with.

And if, by some (admittedly rather remote) chance they expressed a willingness to do so at 17 + 1/365 years old... well... my wife might not be too happy that day... but too bad for her.

AN admission of infidelity...dishonest filth and just a low life child molester.

luvlil1s another sick girl chat pedophile waiting to find a child to molest!

luvlil1s at girlchat writes:

Can't keep my eyes off
Posted by luvlil1s on Wednesday, December 8 2010 at 01:37:12am
I can't keep my eyes off lil girls and their pretty lil barefeet. I love watching them.

anyone else love little barefeet?

Sick filthy bastard, I hope some one kicks you off a cliff!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Feliz the predator


He wants to be a hero? Oh that is right sancho pig panza wanted to be a hero too.
He uses his step daughter now this guys is hoping he broke the ice with poor children in a 3rd world country.

Pedophiles are the scum of the earth and they will use any tactics.
I wonder if this guy wasn't stalking the little girls.....

Trucker the douchebag

Trucker the sex offender think's he can bully a father of a little girl who must had "got the fact" that he parked his truck next to a bunch of pedophiles.

Too bad he didn't punch you in the face trucker. I WOULD HAD!

You are a vile POS who should be serving a life sentence instead of out on the streets.
Maybe once your parole officer hears of your uncured pedophilia even after SOT they will lock you back up. Forever.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ignorance breeds stupidity

and tolerates ignorance!!

This makes me sick if it is the truth....
Checking in and a fun evening
Posted by Seth on Tuesday, March 16 2010 at 07:29:08pm
Hello, it's been quite awhile since I've been around. I wanted to let everyone know I'm decent. Recently I had a wonderful evening with two children, a boy and a girl. The boy-let's call him N-was the son of a distant relative who was here for a short visit. The girl-we'll dub her C-was the daughter of a friend of mine, who agreed to let me have her for the evening. Both of these children are between 6 and 10 years old; I know that's vague but I don't want to get too specific.

This girl loves music and loves to dance, just like her mother. We listened to music as the two kids danced and played. We wrestled a bit. We watched TV as the girl lay across my lap and asked me to scratch her back, which I did with absolute pleasure. The best part of this is that everyone around me knows my sexual preferences, but they also know I keep my hands to myself. It's nice knowing that people trust and understand you despite all the nonsensical "facts" about us out there. What a wonderful night! I hope to repeat it some day soon, amigos.
Any one stupid enough to allow a pedophile to babysit should not be parents!

I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would allow a pedophile to babysit!

There is no way to "know" that a pedophile won't molest! A pedophile WILL molest given every opportunity-- and if parents knowingly place their child in a pedophiles' care they should not be parents!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

zlurker = lying swine

zlurker lies more

Zlurker the piggyman (yes they are all pigs) says if the police get into his computer he wouldn't get into trouble. I beg to differ.

If he was so innocent he would not be giving advice on security for pedophile computers. He wouldn't need a "secure storage" he wouldn't be concerned in the slightest. But like all pedophiles he is a liar.

Posted by zlurker on Tuesday, January 12 2010 at 12:47:36am
In reply to gone posted by FireyOne on Monday, January 11 2010 at 11:31:33pm
Sorry to hear this. Security is important for Child Lovers, and not just security of your IP address.

You do not say why someone "decided police" should be called, and I suggest that you do not do so here.

If you are fortunate and this turns out OK, you really need to dedicate yourself to a security upgrade of your computer. Strong passwords, private browsing setup, secure storage, then maybe a proxy.

Getting this up and running is not easy, but is not beyond the abilities of most of us. I see it as work in progress. I am not at 100% secure yet (and no one is ever really 100% secure anyway) but I have done 95% of what I can reasonably do, and I have a plan in my head to finish things up this year.

Someone who did not know me but went through my computer would probably not think that the police should be called, but even if they did call the police, the police would not find anything they could hold against me anyway.


Zlurker you filthy pig!

voyeur the girlchat pig pedophile

Another child in the care of pedophiles. Another pedophile getting off sexually on a normal event.

Pedophiles are so screwed in the head they refuse to distinguish between an innocent child or a child as a sex object.

voyeur needs to be stopped and his access to this child must end immediately!

more... my little Lyda.
Posted by voyeur on Monday, January 11 2010 at 04:10:27am
Hello friends... a few weeks ago I wrote about a new lgf who has come into my life... I continue to be head-over-heels in love with a little 8 year old darling, Lyda.

This past weekend, I was fortunate to spend a few hours together in the snowy and cold outdoors with Lyda.

True, she had been all bundled up in her winter jacket, snow pants and boots, but our outdoor time together was wonderful... and even though she was covered with all these winter clothes, they didn't cover her beautiful brown eyes and delicious 8 year old smile, both of which can make me melt in even the coldest of weather.

The very BEST time came after I brought her back home... her caretaker aunt had left a written note by the back door, saying she gone out to the store to run a quick errand.

Alone, Lyda and I entered into her foyer where she began to take off her coat, snow pants and boots... and semi-wet socks. --- At which time, the sights of her tiny feet and ten little toes sent me into a swirl... My breathing became heavy and labored and I thought my pounding heart would jump out of my chest!

I immediately bent down and took her cold little feet into my warm hands, gently massaging them, letting my warm fingers slide between those heavenly and delicious cold little 8 year old toes. --- After warming her feet and toes, I'm not sure who had the happier look on their face, me or my darling little Lyda.

Possibly "TYFLAS" might mean something to those of you who, like me, have been around our same little topic interest for many years.

Can you imagine how this child felt when he was breathing hard because she was taking off her winter clothes and socks? Can we imagine how this child felt? Yes. But pedophiles have no inkling how a child feels. Twisted you are voyeur! You need civil confinement ASAP!