Monday, October 10, 2011

Fizzz another boychat predator at it again

Fizz the notorious advice giver to other pedophiles on how to groom and molest children has a new victim in his sites. This poor 9 yr old boy is in danger!

Here is a screenshot of his boychat post regarding this child:

He's 9, sensitive, tactile, VERY affectionate and comes to me for hugs as much as he can get away with in front of his parents.

The above sentence demonstrates the severity of this situation. As much as the child can get away with? The boy is not asking to be molested. The boy doesn't want you Fizz NO boys want you pedophiles.

If you can stomach it read the rest of the pedophiles conversation regarding this boy.
Their support of molesting and advice on how to go ahead with grooming is telling.

Boychat needs to be shut down for good! There is no good that comes out of it!