Thursday, February 09, 2012

Girl Chatters=sick vile filth!

In the filthy world of pedophiles, there is nothing that is taboo.   Anything and everything seems  OK with them, as they point their finger out at the world in blame and shame.
They shame society for hating them because of the way they ruin our daughters.  They hate the Government for locking them up, and SOA treatment.  They hate us the Anti's for telling the truth about their filth.  They hate anything and everything that says NO you cannot lust over and molest our children.

The pigs at girlchat had a discussion on whether or not they would let another pedophile have a relationship with their daughter.

I assume this person is asking because maybe he thinks he will get lucky and someone will offer their child to him.  (?)  Otherwise what is the motive behind this question? 
I picked out a few of their answers to demonstrate the replies he got:

 These  monsters would allow a pedophile to use and molest their little girls!
Zlurker the fat pig tried to shame others in to saying yes and only saying no because of society.
 Yes zlurker the monster who hates his wife and perfers to be a monster than to love and honor her, 
  and the same monster who tried to deny the abuse I suffered in comments to me.  He is one  
  sick perverted pedophile with a list of victims and I suspect.. computer full of child porn.     

Denying a child a childhood and inviting molestation into her life to these pedophiles-- is fine and dandy with them.  They need to be locked up for life!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Boychatters love YouTube

It would seem with all the education people can get about the dangers of the internet, that they would keep their kids off YouTube.

But sadly, this just isn't the case.

The following screen shot is a excerpt from a boychat post in which they are discussing some 9yr old boy dancing on video.

The perverts will stop at nothing to satisfy their evil desires. They desire to molest children, so watching YouTube videos like described as above fuels their lust, as child pornography does.
The pedophiles scold the anon (coward) pedophile, and they assert that next time-- leave no comment--so more kids will upload these types of  videos on YouTube. 

Some pedophiles download the video to keep in their stash of child pornography, for trading or even using to impersonate a child.  There is no end to their evilness... except the death penalty, natural life in prison, or suicide.

I also believe parents who allow their children to do things of this nature must be held liable.
Charges should be brought up against them for child endangerment at least.  There is also a possibility that the parent who is allowing this is also a sexual deviant peddling out their child to other pedophiles as a way to gain trust, and friends. 

Lets not forget our children!  Lets keep making more and more parents aware of what is happening!

And lets love our kids (more than ourselves) so they know enough not to do these things and put them online!