Wednesday, November 14, 2012



A new campaign  OpExposure directed at addressing websites which sell non-nude sexually suggestive images of children to pedophiles over the internet has set off today.

For far too long child modeling  sites have been using children for their own personal gains, supplying pictures to pedophiles, and producing almost pornographic  images of children but able to remain because they are not fully nude.  The material they provide pedophiles is disgustingly sick..yet there isn't anything Law Enforcement can do about it at this time.

OpExposure set off today because today is a significant day on the calender for the pedophiles who collect these images. The 14th of November is the birthday of probably the most well-known child model in the world, but I won't name  her.

Her body has been used and exploited by pedophiles.. peddled by pornographers and spread around the world, as a tool for pedophile lust.  How sad that the people who were supposed to love and protect her allowed her to be used in this way!!

We need to support the efforts of OpExposure!  Lets get these modeling sites shut down!