Tuesday, July 23, 2019

We must not let money dictate punishment of pedopiles!

We must not allow the mighty dollar to dictate weather or not a pedophile gets jail time.
We must not allow the elite pedophiles to silence their victims.
We must find out the whole truth to the many lies surrounding high profile cases

of missing/deceased children. 
We must not give up.
We must fight them not only on documents but also in spirit. 
Their spirits are weak,  Ours is strong!

I am the remnants of what was and what will be.  As today is too painful to be.
The remnants take what they need to perform what needs to be done.

I am the heartbreak of that which is lost
I am the hope for tomorrow
I am the tears of the past
I am burned and remade into gold.
Once that which was rusty... has been waxed
and the sword i carry is unseen
the strength of a woman~~
who has known nothing but heartache~~
a few god years mixed in
to make breathing possible
The deep root of the tree remains
and it is good.

They say that life is full of twists and turns. 
I  concur. 

The pain that the heartbreak brings manifests into all kinds of different forms of me.

My will is still unbroken.  I will not rest until all the pedophiles of the world are caught
and brought to justice!  This includes any and all high profile pedophiles and their rings that exist
in the world we live in today!!